A question with no answers

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A question with no answers.

I need an escape.
The exit measured in milimeters
It’s too far away.
Too far to sway
From this self destructive thought
In this trap my mind struggles, tangled and caught
I try to look ahead and stand tall among the trees
But all I can see in front of me
Is the places and faces that led to defeat.
Will I ever be strong enough to set myself free?
The answer is no

It’s a pay to play game
That I’ve never paid in full.
No one remembers your name
Theres no clame to fame
Split fingers wrap around the final stitch
Theres the wind up, heres the pitch
Do I have the courage to make the final hit?
The answer is no.

The series not of the world
The players aren’t the same
It’s no walk in the park
Theres no coach to blame
Just a broken heart
All the wrecked twisted dreams
Torn all apart
Is the caution flag out?
Is there time to restart?
The answer is no.

The rock and the roll
Tossed in the waves
Lost in a cave
Like a troll
I’ve tried to erase
The distorted face
Of a once perfect slate
Thats been melted by hate
Of acidic tears
Left far far behind
by a soul
Stuck in rewind
Hollow and transparent sight
A foolish ghoul
All you can do is stare.
Will I wake up from this nightmare?
The answer is no.

I take one last look at the world that lied.
The world that told me I’d be fine if I tried
To surprisingly find that no tears have dried.
I feel no satisfaction in knowing I’m wrong.
At least I’ve been right about that all along.
Finger wrapped tight and ready to squeeze
Oh just a twitch and it’s over
Just one twitch please! please! please!
Almost there
Will I ever leave this wasteland of nowhere?
The answer is no.

I’m done sitting here I’m tired and thin.
The deliberation is over the verdict is in.
One more question answered guilty as charged
I never thought self liberation would be this hard.
Do I have the will to fight this pain?
The answer lies to me


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2 Responses to A question with no answers

“The series not of the world
The players aren’t the same
It’s no walk in the park
Theres no coach to blame”

I really like that line above. The flow reminds of some of my present idol’s stuff: Patti Smith. Listen to “Piss factory” on youtube if it’s not familiar. She has a nack (with her band of course) for setting poetry to music. I can’t wait to hear it set to some music.

Commented:  January 8, 2013 at 6:25 PM()

Awesome. Love the positive resolution.

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