Another Bridge Burned

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Well I just finished up my newest one! I’ts my attempt be more “Mainstream”. Hope you guys like it!

I’m standing on the edge looking down at the rocks below, how much further will I go?

before I slip and fall onto another jagged memory, of you and me

I’ve been working on my new life, I’ve been searching for my own cloud nine,

I know I’ll never find it, if I keep looking back, yeah that’s a fact

But today starts anew

and I know exactly what I’ve gotta do


I’ve gotta move on, I’m gonna write a new song, I’m gonna be the man that I know, that I can be

I’ll Learn a new dance, I’ll give love another chance, I’ll make a date with destiny

You’re a hard lesson learned, and another bridge burned

You’re another Bridge I’ll burn

I can see my papa Gene sitting there in his rocking chair, son put your boots back on, life aint fair,

don’t let it change who you are…we’ve all got scars we’ve all been hurt, yeah we’ve all tasted a little dirt

I know you’re thinking that it’s time to build another wall, but I’ll be the first to say, that aint wise at all,

Cause there’s angel out there trying to make her way into your heart, and that’s your new start

so listen to me when I say 

Tomorrow’s gonna, bring anew day


You gotta move on, You gotta sing a new song, You gotta be the man, that I know you can be

you gotta Learn a new dance, You gotta give love a chance, You gotta be true to your self, you can’t live for nobody else

You gotta make this a leavin’ lesson learned, and another bridge burned


Like an ember that floats away into the night, I rise above the flames

I’m a butterfly, in a new sky, I spread my wings for the very first time

Yeah, yeah

I Learned a new dance, I gave love another chance, and I’m holding hands with destiny

You were a hard lesson learned, and another bridge burned

You’re another bridge burned

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4 Responses to Another Bridge Burned

Commented:  February 2, 2013 at 5:41 PM()

great tune, “working on a new life-searching for cloud nine” is brilliant line. very good job. mk

Commented:  February 2, 2013 at 5:56 PM()

Funny you mention that particular line….I always write the music first and then put words to it, this was literally the first thing that popped into my head and I built the song around that. I like how it all came together 🙂 Thanks for listening!


Brandon Johns

Commented:  February 3, 2013 at 11:43 AM()

I like this piece. You turn a phrase very well. It’s also a well constructed composition. My only suggestion would be to open with a cleaner guitar and, to support the (very fine) lead, bring in the distortion later.

Commented:  February 12, 2013 at 9:48 AM()

I liked the vocal, and clarity of the production. Melodically, it seemed a little repetitious–staying in a limited range. It might benefit from a couple of strategically placed minor chords. Also, dynamic wise it appeared to be a little flat. I loved the line working on a new life.

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