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I'm completely new to this, just looking to see how other people perceive the sound. I'm not very advanced on the music end so its going to be pretty basic and the voice is new as well just thought I would try putting something out there.


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There comes a time when you don’t know

when you feel so broken and you try to find your way

There comes a time when you wonder

If you’ll make it out of this place that you’re trapped in

Feels hard to breath your mind wont rest

Not even when you try to understand

You drive so fast your hoping that you’ll

Wake in your room with all your

Walls around you safe and sound last

Night could not be true

This feeling that you have deep down it

Seems to linger all around you no

Matter what you try do it

Seems to be a part of you

You’re sitting by there’s two of you just wonderin

Who will win this battle when you face it on your own.

And then you breathe

Do you sit right back or do you step out

Do you hope for more or do you give in,  ohh, ohohoh

The time it circles round and round so fast now

Just step out of this circle or you’ll never know

Just take a leap so you can make your own mistakes

I turn the page but I don’t know how this story even ends

I write as I go and hope the happy ever after plays again


Noobie user dj007
posted 3 comments!

Just looking for some opinions first song I posted so bare with me.


Seems like there’s no right

When all the wrong push so strong

Seems like there no choice

When the bad is all you have

Seems like with your best

The only thing you gets regret

Sometimes I wonder

Is it real or just a dream

Can I wake up from this nightmare

Will it fade into the deep



Seems like theres an answer

As I search I cannot see it

Seems like theres a sunrise

But all I see is candlelight…..

Oh I’m standing still but everything

is moving right on by



Can I wake up in this morning

Watch the sunlight shining in

Can I wake up with this feeling

That its all about to end

Can I wake up in the moonlight

As I look across the water

Not a wave or even a ripple

As I fade into the deep



Seems like theres a time

When it all will come around

But I wait and wait and the day turns dark

Before I even gain some grown

I know I’ll keep on wondering,

Wondering where to go

But as the leaves are slowly turning

I know that I must go


Can I wake up in the morning

As you pull me oh so near

Can I wake up with you by me,

You touch my body and I lose all fear

Can I wake up in the moonlight

As the tear begin to fall

Can I wake up in this moment

As I make a choice that will my world


Do you ever feel your running round

This world on your own

Hoping you will find the one

That will bring you to your soul

Oh how do I find it

And how do I keep going

The days keep growing very long

When each night your own your own