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My passion is for songwriting. I sing my own demos but I would not describe myself as a singer or a performing artist. I only sing in the shower and into the bedroom microphone. However, my vocals are an acceptable demo quality. I would describe my music as a folky acoustic style with some 70s influence. I also enjoy experimenting with subtractive and modeling synths. I have had some success in getting 3 songs signed with publishing companies but have generated no revenue. Today, I’m totally blown away by technology that is available to songwriters. I have embraced that technology after the discovery of Logic Pro. I have my home recording studio totally “in-the-box” and looking to go beyond that. I make every attempt to keep the songwriting the foundation of my work. I try to stay focused on the song and the recording/production process. I dabble a little in website design. I created to give songwriters and other artists a place to showcase their work. The site design allows comments from registered users if you are interested in getting critiques or feedback on your creative work. Any comments or suggestions for the site are much appreciated! Thanks for listening and enjoy the music! Bob Sell

Taylor Made

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Amazing Grace

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Just 4 great guys having a good time! Good job Bobby, Willard, Scotty, and Chip!!

I Fly With You (Music Video)

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A friend of mine provided some great flying footage for my new song. These are vintage aircraft taking great looking videos! Great compliment to my newest song “I Fly With You”!

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I Fly (revised)

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This is a rewrite base on recent critiques here and elsewhere. Created using Logic Pro X. Thanks for listening and commenting.

I Fly With You

I’ll get my feet back on the ground
And my thoughts will be clear
My heart’s never let me down before
But my head’s in a cloud

I fly with you
Higher than I wanted to
Defying gravity
Yeah, I fly with you

Gettin’ higher approaching cloud nine
It’s a feel good ascent
Addiction I can’t overcome
Altitude affliction

Bridge: Am Em Am B
Have I lost my senses – or just my mind
Envision descending – afraid of heights

©2013 Bob Sell


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This is the first song I’ve done mixing acoustic drums along with midi. The drums sounded a little over the top to me so I back them off. I’m still concerned they may be a little much in the chorus! However, I’m a little too close and have listen too much at this point to decide. It’s good to take a break and listen with fresh ears. Everything else is in the box! Let me have your critiques (songwriting, production, etc.) with both barrels! Written for the purpose of commercial electronic pop! Thanks in advance for listening and commenting! Bob

All of this fighting and the slamming doors it’s bad
It’s taking a toll on me
I need a reaction
To know
Your heart still bleeds for me

Pre Chorus:
On the one hand
You’re my best friend
But the nights that we fight
It’s like we are enemies
Lord I’m begging please

I don’t wanna be a Casualty
A remainder of this insanity
Let’s move on – Let’s move on
Beyond the fire and rain – Let’s ease the pain
Lay down your peace come lay with me
Take my love – Take me love

It’s like we’re walking on eggshells when it’s good
God forbid we say the wrong thing
Let’s forgive and go forward
And retain
What little faith we have

No Casualty – in love
Take my love

© 2013. Bob Sell/Ryan Byrd

Modern Hearts

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Here’s my contest remix submission of Modern Hearts by The Knocks.

Here’s an alternate link if you don’t have the required Flash Player:

Haunting Serenade

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I couldn’t resist the temptation to sample my Coyote caller! Had to capture the howl of their “Haunting Serenade.” Thanks for watching and commenting! Bob

Did You Call Me

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Hey everyone. Trying to get outside of what I normally do with this electronic tune. This probably falls into the genre of Trance but I’m not sure as I’m still learning. This is my first electronic tune so any suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks for listening and commenting. Bob