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Another Bridge Burned

Noobie user jbj0005
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Well I just finished up my newest one! I’ts my attempt be more “Mainstream”. Hope you guys like it!

I’m standing on the edge looking down at the rocks below, how much further will I go?

before I slip and fall onto another jagged memory, of you and me

I’ve been working on my new life, I’ve been searching for my own cloud nine,

I know I’ll never find it, if I keep looking back, yeah that’s a fact

But today starts anew

and I know exactly what I’ve gotta do


I’ve gotta move on, I’m gonna write a new song, I’m gonna be the man that I know, that I can be

I’ll Learn a new dance, I’ll give love another chance, I’ll make a date with destiny

You’re a hard lesson learned, and another bridge burned

You’re another Bridge I’ll burn

I can see my papa Gene sitting there in his rocking chair, son put your boots back on, life aint fair,

don’t let it change who you are…we’ve all got scars we’ve all been hurt, yeah we’ve all tasted a little dirt

I know you’re thinking that it’s time to build another wall, but I’ll be the first to say, that aint wise at all,

Cause there’s angel out there trying to make her way into your heart, and that’s your new start

so listen to me when I say 

Tomorrow’s gonna, bring anew day


You gotta move on, You gotta sing a new song, You gotta be the man, that I know you can be

you gotta Learn a new dance, You gotta give love a chance, You gotta be true to your self, you can’t live for nobody else

You gotta make this a leavin’ lesson learned, and another bridge burned


Like an ember that floats away into the night, I rise above the flames

I’m a butterfly, in a new sky, I spread my wings for the very first time

Yeah, yeah

I Learned a new dance, I gave love another chance, and I’m holding hands with destiny

You were a hard lesson learned, and another bridge burned

You’re another bridge burned


Noobie user jbj0005
posted 2 comments!

Hey everyone! Thanks for continuing to help me hone my songwriting, vocals, production, and music skills. I really take everything you guys say to heart and try to get better each time. That said, here is my latest attempt at it. I hope you guys will give it a few minutes of your time. Your feedback is much appreciated!!!!


Crazy (+4)

last night I had another dream, about us when we were 17, we fell love in at the Bradford County Fair

Yeah we ran wild and free like the Summer breeze, Your best friend friend had a crush me, you still deny putting bubble gum in her hair

I can’t forget those Friday night football games, you wore your hair in a pony tail, and my number painted on your face


We were crazy, We were young in love baby

It makes me smile every time, I pop cork off a bottle of wine and we dance, by candlelight across the living room floor

We never lost our sense of wonder, you know they say that age is just a number

Who says you can’t have that feeling anymore, 

and let’s prove em’ all wrong just one more time, we’ll turn on our favorite song and open up another bottle of wine


Cause we’re crazy, we’re young in love baby

Drunk kisses underneath the stars, fire flies in Mason Jars, bonfires and dancing in the rain

Shining deer on them old back roads, Bud Light and fishing poles, I can see it all like yesterday

remember when your momma didn’t want us together

aw girl look at us now, we’re building our own forever


we’re crazy, we’re young in love baby

A sugar high from Big League Chew, That’s the story of me and you, some memories never fade away

Remember when they said it aint gonna last, yeah cause we’re crazy, I’m in love with ya baby