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I am a singer songwriter that writes, records and produces my own music. I would describe my music as a melodic rock and singer songwriter genre blend. I combine a blend of electric and acoustic guitar playing along with vocals and other instrumentation as desired that represents a unique style of songwriting. The song is the focal point. Having the convenience of a home studio gives me the freedom to create music at the moment of inspiration. As an independent musician I have embraced the technology of the 21st century to help me in the creative process of songwriting. The recording process is still pretty much the same as it has been for the last few decades. The thing that has changed about the process is the equipment used. We have seen the jump from analog tape to the digital audio workstation. Where racks of outboard gear used to be the norm , many have been replaced with digital software plug ins that deliver the same processing power in a virtual digital format. It truly is exciting where the music making process is headed. I have available my debut full length CD titled "MARK SPINNER" and my 2nd CD titled "Comical Persuasions" currently available as well my project "Close To You". My latest CD called "SOMETIMES" is now available at all online retailers. All my CD's are available on all major online music retailers. I am amazed at how my songwriting continues to evolve just as my life does. Enjoy. Some of the guitars I use are a 2010 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro Gold Top, 1987 Ibanez JEM 777DP, 1981 Ibanez Destroyer II, Mid 70's Vantage guitar, 1997 Taylor 410 acoustic with an LR Baggs active pickup system, mid 70's Sanchez classical and an Ibanez Soundsear bass guitar. My amp choice is simple. I use a couple of Marshall JCM 800 2204 amp heads run in stereo along with a JCM 800 1960 A and 1960 B cabinet. I also use a the Marshall HAZE 40C for recording and live gigs. The sound of a tube amp is unrivaled. These amps rock. I record in a Pro Tools environment on a Digidesign DAW. I record with a variety of different microphones. Neumann,Shure and Samson microphones round out the choices of microphones used. Headphones used are the EX-29 Extreme Isolation. Rack mounted processing equipment includes TC Electronics G Major 2, Rocktron Compressor limiter Hush II, Rocktron Bob Bradshaw Patchmate programmable swithcher, Digitech multi effects processors and EQ's, Furman PL-Plus Power conditioner, ADA MC-1 foot controller. Pedal effects are mounted on a Pedal Train board powered by a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus and includes a LINE 6 G50 wireless guitar system, KEELEY compressor,MXR CAE boost/line driver,BBE sonic maximizer, MXR micro flanger, MXR Phase 90, EH POG, BOSS DD-3 Digital delay and CH-1 chorus, KORG pitch black tuner,and a Rocktron Reaction Hush noise reduction pedal . I love gear.

Me and You

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It has been a while since I have been on this site. I am starting to write for my next CD so I figure I would post some of my ideas. If anyone feels inclined to provide any feedback that would be welcomed. If not just enjoy :).

The song is called Me and You. This really happened so the story depicts that evening. Oh and December in Florida was a bit chilly that night LOL


December chill it was in the night

The bar was closing down

The stars were out

And the moon was bright

We spoke with each other

It was out of sight

How many times

All over the world

Do people share a moment or two

Like me and you

Her hands were warm

And her smile bright

I told her a joke

And she laughed all right

Her eyes they sparkled

Like a warm bright light

There was magic in the air

And we shared it all night

How many times

All over the world

Do people share a moment or two

Like me and you

The bar went dark

It was time to leave

As we walked outside

there was a cool evening breeze

We got to our cars

And we shared an embrace

I kissed her on the cheek

And we went our separate ways

How many times

All over the world

Do people share a moment or two

Like me and you