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Shoot Her To The Moon

Noobie user seriousfun
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This is just a bit of a fun track – a bit of humour stemming from some quirky ideas.


Shoot Her To The Moon


Wakin up to a whisky

Off to bed around noon

It’s one hell of a lifetime

Gotta change somethin’ soon


Try to hide from my woman

Sleepin patterns assist

But the bottles the best help

I just cant resist


She keepin me on my toes yeah

She keep her hand in my pocket

Gunna shoot her to the moon

On a Gemini rocket


They say beauty is skin deep

test that theory just cant wait

buy her concrete boots and

drop her in the lake


I see a kit set on EBay

Ex nasa flying machine

For $50 extra

I bought it, sight unseen

No time left for whiskey

busy putting nuts on bolts

and I stand back and survey

my finished results


Out in the Park

Noobie user seriousfun
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This is my first post here. This song was written recently and is of a bluesy nature with a 70’s feel to it. A laid back sort of number with some unusual lyrics. Its a simple story type song and I didnt bother to add a chorus as I felt it was not aimed as a single track but more as an album track.

Loud noises don’t scare me

Out in the park

quiet worries me

big dogs, don’t  bark

this was the craziest place

you choose to meet

You got me watching my step

I’m wearing bare feet

Gorrilla suit

Carries a gram

Lady jogging on past

Shes pushing a pram

This was the craziest place

To end our dispute

You got me in a hot sweat

In my armani suit

Its starting to rain here

Out in the park

Thunder and lightening

Day turns to dark

this was the craziest place

that you could choose

you got me running from dealers

and drunks with no booze

Im waiting to meet you

Out in the park

another no show

A standup remark

This was the craziest place

To string me along

I knew when you called me

It sounded all wrong

Out in the park