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Shoot Her To The Moon

Noobie user seriousfun
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This is just a bit of a fun track – a bit of humour stemming from some quirky ideas.


Shoot Her To The Moon


Wakin up to a whisky

Off to bed around noon

It’s one hell of a lifetime

Gotta change somethin’ soon


Try to hide from my woman

Sleepin patterns assist

But the bottles the best help

I just cant resist


She keepin me on my toes yeah

She keep her hand in my pocket

Gunna shoot her to the moon

On a Gemini rocket


They say beauty is skin deep

test that theory just cant wait

buy her concrete boots and

drop her in the lake


I see a kit set on EBay

Ex nasa flying machine

For $50 extra

I bought it, sight unseen

No time left for whiskey

busy putting nuts on bolts

and I stand back and survey

my finished results