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Self Un-control

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Actually wrote this in about 15-20 minutes this morning..  check it out.

<Verse 1>

I watch my own reflection,

confused by what it is I see.

Everything I never wanted,

is now becoming me.

<Verse 2>

How I’d let this happen,

its one big mystery to me.

One too many demons,

hand my pride away for free.


How can I go home,

when I’m lost with no control?

As soon as it feels right,

it always ends up being wrong.

This fear creeps in my mind,

is there an end to this long road?

Gotta find a new direction,

can’t seem to find my self control.

<Verse 3>

How can you break a chain,

of events that you don’t see?

One good time is all it takes,

to lose all integrity.

<Repeat Chorus>


Empty eyes,

careful lies,

all these things I should deny.

How can wrong feel so right?

Stays in my mind ’til in my sight,

(In my mind ’til in my sight.)



I’m still “iffy” about the song title, so any suggestions are welcome.