Blur In My Eyes

Noobie user metropeacetribe
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Thru the blur of my eyes

I never wanted

To know

What you do

Where you hide

Your bloody shoes

I never wanted

To stay in line

At your schools

Don’t look behind

They wrote the rules

There’s no difference now

Then it was back then

Repeating water downed lies

To keep me in sheep’s skin

I’m (shut) off to drift-land leaving bye!

Flying high in the sky

Cozy comfort I’m tuning out

Thru the blur of my eyes

I never wanted

To stroke

in your ear

What you want

What you want to hear

Your flock bows down

Bows down to you

All you corporate whores

In this fudge packing zoo

I never wanted

To pay for your chatter

Your four walled manner

But there’s a price to pay when you

Walk that great dark hall of fame

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5 Responses to Blur In My Eyes

Commented:  June 10, 2013 at 3:12 PM()

sorry guys i really can’t hear the vocal to well. i kind of like what i hear, unfortunately your production values are not up to par. good effort though. kess

I too think I can’t hear what’s going on to really say anything. James

I’m going to be brutally honest. This needs a lot of work in my opinion. I like the A to E progression fine and the bit where you go to G to A isn’t bad. I even like the loose singing in a way but the whole thing isnt compelling. The recording kinda stinks. When the individual vocalists sing they are terribly buried. The timing suffers too in places. My advice is to rerecord it. Speed it up a bit so that the hooks come a little faster. Make it more accessible. It just sounds a little like a cacophony right now.

Commented:  June 18, 2013 at 3:35 PM()

Thanks guys for the feedback. We know the production is crap. We’re using two SM58 mics and a Line6 interface to record everything. We have zero experience mixing it all but we are having fun. These recordings are at best rough/home demos. Not finished products. Mostly one take shots just to outline the tune. Mistakes can be found everywhere but that really isn’t what we were concerned about. For us it’s more about the developement of the song. Transfering ideas to the band and then to disc. If anybody has tips on how to create separation on instrumental frequencies, I’m all ears….Thanks again, Grand P

Joe fame
Commented:  August 15, 2013 at 10:23 AM()

Very weak musical execution. Vocals are out of tune, timing is off and the drums sound really lame. However the song isn’t bad and the main riff is kinda cool. Get some better singers and musicians and you can make this song sound decent. If the out of tune vocals are intentional cuz you’re going for a punk feel, I’d abandon that idea. It doesn’t serve the tune.

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