Broken Circle

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Broken Circle

Red man returning home
From one more hunting trip
Little does he know it
Life as he knows it
Will never be the same

Women and children are dead
Shelters burnt to the ground
Warriors on the war path
Lurking in the tall grass
Keeping their ear to the ground

**Musical Interlude**

Well the rivers have turned to red
The moon is the color of blood
And life as they know it
Though they don’t yet know it
Will never be the same

There’s no where left to run
Your fighting with your backs to the wall
And great white father
Says it be no bother
Sure we’ll take your home land away

** Musical Interlude**

The circle of life is gone
The eagle spirals down
Tragedy fill the air
Buffalo rots to the ground

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Commented:  June 26, 2015 at 6:52 PM()

You tell a nice story here Jim. Nice vocals and some tasty guitar licks.

Nice tune! Wish I could play the guitar like that! Good job!

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