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Better Audio for GoPro Camera

Noobie user admin
posted 9 comments!

How can you improve the audio quality for your GoPro Camera? I’m using the iPhone 5 with the iTalk App to record audio and sync it up with the GoPro Hero 3 Camera. This GoPro tutorial will give you a brief overview of how it’s done! Please comment and subscribe on our YouTube Chanel.

If you have a tutorial idea you’d like to see on Logic Pro 9, Logic Pro X, or Final Cut Pro X, let me know and I’ll try put something together. Thanks for watching.

For comments on YOUR completed projects, feel free to post on

I Fly With You (Music Video)

Advanced contributor gofirjet
posted 79 comments!

A friend of mine provided some great flying footage for my new song. These are vintage aircraft taking great looking videos! Great compliment to my newest song “I Fly With You”!

Please comment and subscribe if you are a youtube user. Thanks.

Haunting Serenade

Advanced contributor gofirjet
posted 79 comments!

I couldn’t resist the temptation to sample my Coyote caller! Had to capture the howl of their “Haunting Serenade.” Thanks for watching and commenting! Bob

If Only U Were Here

Noobie user rllewis999
posted 9 comments!

How is the production overall as far as visual and musical?  Are the lyrics right for the videography?  What is your perception of the artist and vocal style?


Noobie user gwhool
posted 14 comments!

I wrote this song for a friend of mine to sing. I think she has a great voice. She had never sang anything like this before. She grew up tap dancing and doing mostly Broadway Musical stuff. So this was new to her but I think she did a wonderful job.

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