Confusion or Fusion

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This is a song I wrote some time ago. I just decided to do this thing solo–this time without drums, bass or anything else. It’s kinda ruff. I ike the melody and the message; it’s for all the free-thinkers out there.

Lyrics appear in the video.

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  1. Toney Wright says:

    I like the song and the message. I think it would be better if you played with an acoustic guitar but, that’s just my opinion for what it’s worth.It; reminds of James Taylor.,Toney

    • gordsd says:

      Thanks Toney Wright, you are right. It would have sounded better on an acoustic. James Taylor! Holy moly, that it is a compliment. I’m going to re-do the song and put greater emphasis on the melody in an intro. I really like the chord progression and the melody. Anyway, thanks for listening.

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