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I’d like to open a discussion about that type of song which I call the debutante piece. This is the song that the label will choose to help its artist or group break into the market. Over the years the charts have been peppered with this type of song. One example is ‘She Bop’ from Cyndi Lauper – a brilliant song about self-entertainment. Another example is ‘Break Down’ from Tom Petty – a new take on the negotiations as old as men and women. Still another, provided to us by Peter Townshend to debut his solo album ‘White City,’ is ‘Give Blood’ – an outstanding perspective on war.

These songs, as diverse as they seem, share a common element – they offer a fresh and perhaps shocking perspective on an old subject. They open our eyes, make us smile and most of all, make us listen more closely.

While no ideas come immediately to mind, I wonder if anyone else has any they would like to share with the group.


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“they offer a fresh and perhaps shocking perspective on an old subject”

“Glitter in their Eyes” Patti Smith:

Commented:  January 8, 2013 at 8:55 PM()

Like debut songs from eventually famous musicians? Or songs that update age old themes, like masturbation, sex, or consumerism? Or both–debut songs that offer fresh perspectives on old ideas? If the latter.. Let’s see… Radiohead’s “Creep” (alienation, love longing), Gotye’s “Somebody I Used to Know” (relationship failure), Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” (sluts), Blondie “Heart of Glass” (relationship disappointment). I don’t know. Interesting.

Yeh, like Rembow asked: elaborate a little about what you want? I did look up the definition of debutante! Presenting the poor hillbilly chick at the aristocrats’ ball? how does one get a poor miserable poverty stricken artist heard? Anyway, I listened to “White City” for the first time–very cool!

Commented:  January 9, 2013 at 12:28 AM()

Cheers to both of your replies. This is exactly what I’m asking for — fresh perspectives on subjects that we see so often we’ve become blind to them. Good comedians (at least in my opinion) are the ones that hold a mirror up to their audience and society at large and let them have a chuckle at their own expense.

It’s hard to find the right subjects though. Ones like politics and religion can earn ire. However safer subjects seldom seem to have enough emotional substance.

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