Only in my Dreams

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Commented:  March 18, 2015 at 10:04 PM()

Really cool song Larry. My only crit is at the very start with the bass and drums, there are a few very minor timing issues and when these instruments are out there on their own they are highlighted. Once the instrumentation joined in it was fine and then when that superb vocal hit, wow, what a track. Would be shame if listeners clicked off too early because of the intro, I would fix it if it were me cause this song is just so good, it deserves every opportunity to shine.

Hope you don’t mind me pointing this out cause it is a super song. Kudos to you.

I agree with Seriousfun , good song all around. I thought the intro was good the way it was. I look at these sites to get your idea out there. You did great . Nicely done. The vocals and guitar fit the tune perfectly.


I like how you worked in the backing vocals. The guitar stabs are nice. Everything in the production seems to work well together. Nicely done!!

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