Everything To Lose

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Everything To Lose by Rusty White
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She butters my bread, on both sides.    That good woman’s keeping me alive

She been right here, since break of dawn,  She’s got me here till I’m dead and gone.


When the workdays done, and my day is through, You know I always come back home to you.

Ain’t no other who fits my style,   Been that way for a very long while


I’ve got everything, everything to lose,

I raise my flame and light your fuse.


Aint got no friends that hang around,  I’m out of whiskey cause I drank it down

You make a deal,  I can’t refuse , I ain’t got no choice but you telling me to choose.


I’ve got everything, everything to lose,   I’ve played my hand, like everyone’s fool

I’ve got everything, everything to lose,      I raise my flame,  and set off your fuse


Gonna drive my car, way far from here, Which way who knows, I don’t know to steer


I’ve got everything, everything to lose,   I’ve played my hand, like everyone’s fool

I’ve got everything, everything to lose,      I raise my flame,  and set off your fuse



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14 Responses to Everything To Lose

Hey Rusty,

Fantastic work dude!

Love the intro, your vocals and guitar rock. Really awesome mix too.
Dig the vocal and sound style you got going on. I hope you do some big shows and or get some real attention for your talent.

I say the chorus needs some polish….the backing vocals sound out of sync, or at least not very crisp. It’s not very clear where it is in the mix. Is it there or not…kinda feeling. which may be what you wanted but makes me stop enjoying the song and starts me wondering what is going on with the vocals.

I’d love your lyrics, I’d love to hear a bit more, which I never ever say to anyone. I’d love to hear a verse or middle, about the flame and fuse…great line there.

As always, just my take on what I hear, very picky kind of stuff. I really dig the song and the style.

As always it’s cool to hear your voice and guitar work, they are so enjoyable to listen to. I can’t wait to hear more of your material, please keep posting.

    Thanks James! You are a thoughtful guy and I really appreciate you words.

    I’m slowly learning a bit on this mixing stuff, and was really pleased with the full sound of this tune. I’ve been absorbing as many videos and have been experimenting with room acoustic treatments in my small studio. Nice to hear it may have paid off a bit.

    Thanks for the bit on the backing vocals. Again you are spot-on. In hindsight they could have stood out a bit in the mix, but at the time I wasn’t totally comfortable with the parts and decided to leave them ambiguous. But you are reinforcing the point that ambiguous isn’t a good quality on some parts, like backing vocals. A listener with a good fresh pair of ears can immediately hear oddities like this whereas, the mixer’s ears become deaf after listening to repeats while mixing.

    As for lyrics, I struggle with writing and do need to commit more time honing them before declaring them done.

    So again, good advice! Keep it coming please!

Man – start to finish great song. Wish I could play like that. I enjoyed every bit of it.


Commented:  June 5, 2013 at 12:27 AM()


Commented:  June 5, 2013 at 1:05 AM()

Ahhh this is a typical country song! I’m not a huge fan of country but the country-ish vibe you created was perfect 🙂

    Thanks for the words. I listen to all types of music and my creations fall all over the genre map. I’m not so sure this is a typical country song, but thats your take I can appreciate that.


I agree with you about the fresh ears! Sometimes you’re just too close to the song and need a break to get a fresh perspective. I just posted Casualty and had the same experience:


But my fresh ears on your song says, “what’s not to like about it?” Great vocals, vibe, groove, production, all great! Your backing vocal in the chorus perfectly supports the lead vocal. In my humble opinion, this track does not need a big R&B style backup vocal. What you created is perfect! And your guitar chops! Awesome!

Whatever you are doing with your production is huge! Drums, bass, etc… Wish I had something to offer but you nailed this one! Great work! Bob

    Thanks very much! Thats a really nice compliment. I definitely hear things I could improve but at some point a person just has to say “its finished”. I’m glad to hear you would agree.

marc lee
Commented:  June 10, 2013 at 9:22 AM()

decent tune; i liked the clarity of the vocals and the guitar work.

Hey Buddy,

I’ll start off by saying excellent production and performances. The vocals are steller and the guitar work is too. The band backing up sounds spot on.

I like your song but I’m a little confused by it. Now I don’t always comment this way but since this is a country style song I feel you are going for clarity on the lyric. I get from the lyric that the girl is tops and you are totally in to her. What I’m less certain of is why you’re telling me.

Aint got no friends that hang around, I’m out of whiskey cause I drank it down

You make a deal, I can’t refuse , I ain’t got no choice but you telling me to choose.

These lyrics I think mean she wants to get married.

Gonna drive my car, way far from here, Which way who knows, I don’t know to steer

That bit I think means you are apprehensive about marriage? I get all that but I don’t see why. Develop that aspect of the story so I’ll understand why you aren’t rushing to the church to marry this girl because as it sounds it seems like you should. Maybe you don’t want to give up the single life? Maybe you have abandonment issues? I don’t know but I need more explanation. Really good start on a song here.


    Thanks, Danny. Good questions and points for sure.

    I realize I need to hone my story telling skills. I know that in the country genre the story should be kept straightforward and not get too deep. My problem is that I don’t target a genre when I write.

    With this song I was attempting to connect with husbands that sometimes think of quitting and starting over, due to differences of opinions with a strong-willed wife for example, yet know down inside that they “ain’t” going anywhere.

    The song is written from the standpoint that the writer is married, been married for some time, thus “She’s been right here since break of dawn”.

    The lyric “She’s got me hear till I’m dead and gone” infers that the dude isn’t going anywhere. In the second verse he reconciles himself to that point.

    “I’ve got everything to lose” implies that he realizes if he were to leave he would lose what really matters to him. “I raise my flame and light your fuse” is a hint that the union isn’t exactly bliss. It is meant to paint a picture of a wife that doesn’t hold back when his plans are disagreeable to her.

    “Aint got no friends that hang around,….” This tells of the unrest in the marriage that keeps friends from wanting to be around the couple. And the “whiskey” comment is self explanitory at that point.

    “I’ve played my hands like everybody’s fool” – This is acknowledgement that the situation is pretty common.

    Well, here I’m going to wrap this up by telling that the song overall is based on a common theme that plays out among male musicians around these parts, and likely most everywhere.

    I played for years with a singer-songwriter as a lead guitarist in his band, one of many who had filled that role for him. One day we were driving to a gig down in south Texas and I was probably running my mouth about trouble back home, wife trouble that stemmed from the her lack of appreciation of how much I enjoyed playing professionally out on the road. :-). I remember him telling me how it was a common theme with musicians that had come his way, his way of telling me my situation was pretty normal for traveling musicians that were trying to maintain marital bliss back home. The previous guitarist had gotten divorced over irreconcilable differences between his desire to play guitar on stage, often in distant cities, on many weekends – and her lack thereof.

    Those days are behind me and I’m happy to report we are in a very good place, but the memory of those turbulent times inspired the song, and its writing was somewhat of a reach out to kindred souls who can relate.

Joe fame
Commented:  August 20, 2013 at 5:54 PM()

Damn good musicianship and production. Sounds a lot like a Robben Ford tune. That could be because the singing sounds a lot like Robben. But, I’m not knocked out by the lyrics. The idea seems a bit confusing and nebulous. I really like the overall sound and musicianship and if the tune was better, this would be an A+. As it is, I’d give it a B- because of the lyrical content. I’d love to have you record some of my tunes! Geez, does that sound arrogant? As if my tunes are so much better? LOL!

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