Fire Down Below

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The production sounds good. I would have liked to seen the lyrics posted and 8:00 plus minutes is a little to long for me. Nice feel and playing and your vocals fit the song well

Commented:  July 24, 2015 at 5:47 PM()

Nice groove going in this, good instrumentation and great vocals. Maybe some of the leads could be brought up in the mix. My main crit is that for a song to last 8 mins there needs to be a lot of different parts and development on multiple themes to capture interest. While this is a really nice theme it simply cant support this time frame without any variation or chorus. If it were my song I would trim to about 3 minutes and you would have something that would keep attention for the duration of the song.

As I said, its a lovely theme with a great groove, so there is some real potential in this song.

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