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First, let me address one of the biggest challenges facing this site. Material is being posted, in some cases, without regard to the requirement to participate in the forum. Artist and Songwriters post their material with the expectation of getting some feedback. That comes from YOU our users. Please play by the rules and provide at least two comments or critiques for others before posting YOUR work. The price you pay to post YOUR work is reciprocal participation. Expect to get out of this site what you put into it! If you don’t provide feedback for others then you can expect the same! Please keep all comments in the spirit of constructive criticism.

You should provide some basic information about your song if you want detailed feedback. If you provide sketchy information, you’ll likely get sketchy feedback. Please post your lyrics!! Even if you think your vocals are clear and up-front, post the lyrics!! Tell us about your song structure/format, key, tempo, chord progression, etc. What are your goals for the song? Publishing, recording contract, fun for you and the family, etc. What about your production? Do you need help with recording technology, drum programing? If you don’t ask, most will assume that you only want critiques on the song.

You should find everything you need in our FAQs below. If you need more detailed information try viewing our Help Video


1.  How do I submit my material?
To submit your material you must first register.
Please submit at least 2 comments or critiques for other artists before submitting yours.

To Post Your Material:
Log in!

You will be taken to your Administration Panel (Dashboard).

Click the Posts tab.

Click the Add New Tab.

Put the title of your song in the title field.

Go to / or wherever your music resides and look for Share links.

Highlight the Embed Code by clicking on it.

Right click and select “Copy.”

Back on ArtistNest, make sure HTML (not Visual) is selected on the tab to the upper right.

Then, in the body of the post, right click Paste the code.

Paste the embedded link into the body of the post. Please add your lyrics if you are posting a song.

Be sure to select a Category. Songwriter, Musician, Poet, etc.

When you are ready, click Submit for Review. Your material will be posted within 24 hours. Please participate in the forum by submitting at least 2 comments or critiques for other artists. Don’t expect others to comment on your work unless you are doing the same.

For more further details you can Watch the Video

2.  What should I use for my title?
Your title can be anything you want. You can use any words or phrases. Normally it’s the title of your song or artwork. Avoid using the same title twice as that will cause problems. You can use commas, apostrophes, quotes, hypens/dashes, and other typical symbols in the post like “My Site – Here’s Lookin’ at You, Kid.”

3.  How do I add a media file (mp3, jpg) to my post?
Please paste your embedded external link from,, etc., to the body of your post. To upload a photo or artwork do the following: After creating a new post, look below the title box and you’ll see little icons next to “upload/insert.” When you roll over the first icon with your mouse, you’ll see “Add an Image.” Select the appropriate link to add your media. After selecting the file you want to upload, make sure you select “Insert Into Post” to add the media to your post.

4.  What if I don’t have a Soundcloud or YouTube account?
You can upload your file to our Media Library and we will upload it to OUR SoundCloud account on your behalf. We will use the imbedded player to present your song on our site within your post. You file will be deleted from OUR library.

5.  How do I save a post to be completed later without publishing?
Use the “Save Draft” button to save your post as a draft rather than immediately publishing it. To return to your drafts later, visit Posts – Edit in the menu bar, then select your post from the list.

6.  Do all songs get published or only the ones that make the cut?
All legitimate media will be published. There are no such cuts. The review process is to eliminate spam so your experience on our site is not compromised. All material should be published within 24 hours.

7.  I uploaded my media several days ago. Why can’t I find it?
Normally when this happens your media is not attached to a Post. Always create the Post first, then attached your picture, etc. Edit your post or create a new post and use the Insert/Upload feature and then “Insert into Post”.

8.  What is the file size limit?
10MB limit for all files.

9.  What is the maximum image size?
The maximum dimensions in pixels to use when inserting an image into the body of a post is 1024 X 1024.

10.  How can I post my video or song if it exceeds the 10MB limit?
Please link to your video or song using YouTube, Soundcloud, etc. When viewing your video on YouTube, click on the Share link. Select “Copy embed html.” Then go to your post, select the HTML tab on the right of the screen, then paste the link into the body of your post. On the last line of the script change width to “640” so it fits nicely on the screen. Click “Update” to save changes and post.

11.  How can I showcase my material but not allow critiques?
The value in our site is getting feedback on your work. If you don’t want to provide feedback for others and don’t want comments of your work then you should post your material elsewhere.

12. Why don’t I see the critiques or comments I submitted?
We use automatic spamming software to keep ads and inappropriate material off of our site. However, we still moderate many of the comments to make sure. Your comments should be posted within 24 hours.

13.  Posting comments:
Please participate in the forum by leaving at least 2 comments or critiques for other artists before posting your material. Don’t expect others to comment on your work if you are not doing the same.

14.  How do I add my profile picture to my account:

You can edit “Your Profile” to upload a picture or image.

Additional Help:

If you need additional assistance please Contact Us

More information on our Help Video