Hey Tee Fee

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A Cajun swing. ‘Tee Fee’ is kinda phonetic slang for the Cajun French ‘Petite Fille’ or ‘little girl.’ The title could be translated as, basically, “Hey Baby.” (Really deep thoughts goin’ on here!)

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Nicely done. The only critique I have is post the lyrics please.
All the instruments are great. You did a great job bringing each
out to get some. Nice. I thought you did a very good job mixing.


Sounds good. Kudos to the instrumentalists. Really like the fiddle. Has a lot of energy. I could see a bar crowd getting into this one. You might compress the lead vocal a bit more. Good job!

Commented:  March 14, 2013 at 1:01 AM()

very cool, great players. do i hear a faint hank sr. influence here ?

There is a band that tours through Reno once in a while called Mumbo Gumbo, this kinda sounds like their style–I like it. Very awesome accordian! The only critique I have is after the first verse the song is predictable, it’s like a lot of others. But I don’t know if that is even a critique. Like Paul McCartney sang, “the world is full of silly love songs, so what’s wrong with that? And here I go again.”

Commented:  March 14, 2013 at 7:57 PM()

After listen you song found there is no brigde the hold song base in one melody but sounds ok

Very nice! Where you from? Fun stuff!

Love the sound and feel of the song. Great job. It has to old school feel to it. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing.

Commented:  April 15, 2013 at 6:00 PM()

I agree with everyone else, this is some good capture! Especially the kickers on the crash, thats a tough job! Almost getting that ambiance as if you were playing right here in my living room. Great job!

This from our SoundCloud account: “Makes me want to get up and dance….made me laugh too, great song.”

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