Hillbilly Rich

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Where I grew up it’s a slower pace.
No one’s runnin’ in a rat race.
We spent our weekend’s playin’ cards all night.
No real problems & no big fights.
Sunday mornin’ church was the place.
The valley echoed Amazing Grace.
Man! I’d give anything for those days
When everybody lived in simpler ways.
Cause we were Hillbilly Rich…
When Granny make you go & pick a switch.
Hillbilly Rich…
You might help your cousin get his truck out “da’ditch”.
Well that’s the way we were born & raised.
We didn’t have a clue that no money was saved.
And I’d give anything if we’d go back & switch
to those days when we were rich.
Each holiday we’d all spend together.
Same time same place no matter the weather.
Uncle Lloyd always blessed the feast.
We were always happy to say the least.
But “now-a-days” everyone lives so fast.
Can’t tell you a time we were together last.
Man! I’d give anything for those days.
When everybody lived in simpler ways.
Repeat chorus x2
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Hillbilly rich………
Yeah, yeah, yeah……. Whoa!
We didn’t know we were poor…
Couldn’t ask for nothin’ more…
Hillbilly Rich……

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9 Responses to Hillbilly Rich

Great job, really liked what you’ve done here. Nice instruments and vocals. Got a great beat going.

If I was to suggest anything….

The writing, it’s good but a bit too predictable and stops a bit short of telling me why you loved that life.. I didn’t grow up like that so for me I’d love to hear events that made it so fun and why you miss it so much.

I’d like to see your lyrics get more polish with that in mind.

Less ‘we’ and more “i”. You start out from

Where I grew up it’s a slower pace.

Which I really love….you then jump to ‘we’ which feels less personal.

“I loved the weekends….” kind of thing

Sunday mornin’ church was the place.
The valley echoed Amazing Grace.

I really like that sunday moring, great image. Echoed Amazing Grace….awesome line, I can hear it now.

I guess I want more of why you loved that life. It’s not giving me enough of why you loved that life back then. You are very close to giving us those feelings, just a bit more detail would make it really come alive to me.

I’d use some of what you kept for the outro /ending and bring that rich sonic landscape to the song in other sections too. Heck try it with your intro…hoot and holler.

The group hollering and backing vocals were awesome, they add a lot to the song and made it really come alive. Do more of that please. Made me feel like I was there and had family and friends all around. Very cool.

Use those ideas and expand on them. Grab me the listener and make me sit up with chills down my spine! 🙂

You might want to Pan a bit more in your final mix…everything seemed to come from the middle.

I think you wrote and sang a great song.

    Commented:  June 25, 2013 at 9:41 AM()

    I hear ya James. This was the 2nd song I had really ever wrote. The lyrics could be a little sharper. Youknow how it is when you look and read something over and over…you just can’t see what it needs after awhile!!! Thanks

A nicely written and arranged pop country song. I think the song is great for this style. If I had to give suggestions for improvement here they are.

Compress the bass more. It seems to get lost here and there.

I like the back up vocals with the effects but I don’t know if they work on the break down where everyone drops out. Might beef up the backups there with a more natural sound or something else. I just don’t know if the effected vocal works there.

The lead guitar work is good and the tone is right but on the solo I felt like you could have given me more. towards the end it starts to sound like the guitarist is holding back a bit and just phoning it in.

Good job on the song and keep on going with it.


Commented:  May 19, 2013 at 10:23 PM()

very good effort. good vocal. kess

Great tune for mainstream country!

Lots of country tunes over the years with the same basic theme of “live is much simpler in the country.” I not sure your subject matter is different enough to set this song apart? However, you have masterfully created the hook with your title. There was never a doubt about the title of this song!

I thought everything about the production was perfect! Great vocal performance and kudos to the rest of the band!


Toney Wright
Commented:  May 20, 2013 at 11:43 PM()

being a hillbilly from North Alabama I can definitely relate!! Good song!!

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