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ArtistNest – Song Reviews and Songwriter’s Critique, Artists Showcase and Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Tutorials

Welcome to Artist Nest – Artist Nest is a free resource community for creative people. Songwriters, Musicians, Photographers, Videographers, Painters, Poets, Comedians, etc.

Showcase your creative work here and get constructive feedback from others who are involved in your craft. Song reviews and inspiration can be a big part of your creativity. After that initial spark of inspiration, it helps to have some knowledge about your craft to complete your project. Inspiration rarely delivers a finished product. Getting educated and a willingness to work hard will go a long way. Your participation (meaning you provide feedback for others) in our community will help other artists learn about their craft and grow. Who knows, you may pick up a few pointers yourself, trigger some of inspiration for your next project, or find a new collaborator. Whatever your goals, I think you’ll find ArtistNest a great place to hang out!

Browse the site and see what others are posting. Be a registered user and post constructive critiques or words of encouragement for others. Critiques can be a valuable tool to keep you motivated and to learn about your craft from others. Please provide at least two comments or critiques for others before posting your own work. The cost to post your work is reciprocal participation. Expect to get out of this site what you put into it! If you don’t provide feedback for others then you can expect the same! Please keep all comments in the spirit of constructive criticism. Please review the instructions on our Help Page before posting your work.

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Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) Tutorials:
Songwriters and musicians can easily get bogged down with learning how to effectively use their DAW software. There is a tremendous learning curve with these modern and complex programs. There is nothing worse than a computer program getting in the way of your muse! To that end, we have added video tutorials for the most popular DAWs. If you are a creator of DAW tuts, please post them in the appropriate category. If you have one you’d like to suggest, please let us know.

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