I Still Believe in You

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18 Responses to I Still Believe in You

The guitars seem a little out of tune. Well the one you’re picking is out of tune a little but the slide might just need to be performed more accurately.

Your voice sounds good. Not sure about all the reverb though. Nice melody.

So what, try telling me what the song means this is real art and actually the bass is out a little but so what that’s what gives it a certain feel ,the reverb is fine and so is the slide. The lyrics are deep but it went right over your head Spadanny.

Your vocal performance is very convincing. I’m feeling this song with you as you make me believe that you “still believe.” Maybe someday I too will create with great conviction as you have done here! Excellent tune! Thanks for posting! Bob.

Commented:  April 15, 2013 at 3:08 PM()

REALLY, Triggs?!?! Do not post a song if you cannot take unbiased feedback. This is why I left the site the 1st time. People get all butt hurt and wonder why they never go anywhere. Nobody cares that “YOU” think is it perfect and a work of art. It is opinions of the public that should matter. Is that not why you are here?

ANYWAY, something is out of tune to my ears too, it is slightly panned left, so whatever guitar part is there. Vocals are heartfelt, but that is all ruined by your attitude towards honest feedback.

    I dont mind if somebody has a critic but there is a lot more to critiquing real art than “I found something not perfect woo hoo” I’m asking for song critic not production critic…OK.
    It’s an old recording I made on my old eight tracker I recorded each instrument and vocal right after I wrote it so it never was meant to be “A STUDIO PERFECT MASTER”. Actually I have another recording of this, I liked the song enough to release it on my third cd “Spirit Eyes” its next recording has drums and of course guitar and bass, I use a harmonica instead of slide but I like both recordings for different reasons.
    Have you ever Listen to Tom Waits? If you haven’t, I dont pretend to be like Tom Waits but he is a brilliant song writer that is not able to sing a note in key and he is very successful many famous artist cover his songs. Being a critic requires haveing a bigger grasp of a song and feeling than “it was little out of tune” lol…
    Peace. Tom

      Commented:  April 15, 2013 at 4:23 PM()

      So maybe post that in the description when you upload the song. We are not mind readers here, that is a whole different website we post on called ArtistNestMindReadersCritique.whocares

      Art is different to all people and a matter of personal interpretation. To scold somebody for an opinion on an opinion based site is a little self centered. I listen to a song, then read the feedback as to not repeat the same things other state, then leave any addition opinion I may have. But, when you chime in, you add your personality to the mix and that immediately takes away from what I heard.

      May I suggest that you just upload, give a few liner notes (to save yourself some hurt feelings), read feedback, show appreciation and move forward..


        My feelings aren’t hurt but I didn’t know we were critiquing the production. Your not having a grasp on song writing must be very hurtful to you.

          Commented:  April 15, 2013 at 8:06 PM()

          I am amazed that you can only think in a minimal capacity. Please, read the ‘About Us’ section to bring you up to speed. Production is part of the entire collection called a song. Or is there some other alternate dimension where you exist that somehow defies that logical concept?

          All agreed that the vocals are good, the emotion is good, lyrics are good. So what does that leave? PRODUCTION!! Grab that stick firmly with both hands and give it a manly tug until it is removed, then jump down off that high horse of hypocrisy, get over yourself and take the feedback exactly for what it is or stop posting. Simple!!

          We are all songwriters here and this site is amazing allowing people who do not know each other to offer a 3rd party ear.. It is quite possible I do not have a grasp on songwriting. Does not take away from the fact that I appreciate honest feedback from those who listen to my posted work.

          What ever
          Jeremy, What ever I’m sorry its so difficult for you to understand what I’m talking about. Peace. Tom

        Jeremy, lets hear some of your songs please.

Commented:  April 15, 2013 at 5:29 PM()

Well I am afraid to say anything…so I will just move on to the next song……

    If your here to tell me something is out of tune yes you are wasting your time. I didn’t record this as a master, its just a early work, its not technically perfect but it isn’t contrived,its real honest art.

Commented:  April 18, 2013 at 8:48 AM()

You have a real Neil Young sound to you! I think as far as a song it’s good! Very well put together. As far as the tuning….it’s really up to the person who wrote it! I’ve played in a ton of bands and there was some songs where the guys would tune every string to a different note to get what they wanted. Over all I think the lyrics are fine!!! Good job.

Since my comment started all the hoopla I’ll chime in. I think Your song sounds nice and I like your vocals but I don’t really agree that the song has depth. The chords are predictable and simple. The rhymes are typical. The sentiments while emotional and broad in scope don’t strike me as either deep or original. To me a deep song is a song that strikes a chord somewhere inside me that is usually inaccessible. This song doesn’t do that for me.

Those are the actual feelings that I didn’t express in my first critique. sometimes I don’t want to sound discouraging and negative. I thought the suggestions about the production might be helpful and might improve your product. I thought that others might find the song more inspiring and have more encouraging comments in the songwriting department.

Here is a critique of your critiques since were on the subject. I see you have made 26 comments and 15 of them are on your own work. Why don’t you quit hanging around trashing my critique and go critique someone else’s music.

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