If You Don’t Know Now

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Heres a new song i just finished, called “If you dont know now”. let me know what you think!


She was born in Carolina
but she was never raised
then the wolves came to find her
but she fights in so many ways

the old horizon
she was not aware
she could have the life she wanted
if she would only dare

the ocean seems to move her
but she said she could live without
maybe her mother and father
filled her head with doubt

she said
“if you dont know now
you will never know
if you dont care about me
please just let me go”

and all the masks that ive been wearing
she sees through every one
and ill the pain that shes been hiding
will cause her to come undone

she says…

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8 Responses to If You Don’t Know Now

Commented:  January 6, 2013 at 5:05 PM()

sad. nice. very good execution. I do find the the chorus a bit choppy but that might be your intention. Good job!

Like I said – I would like the harp a lttle higher in the mix. Good tune.

Commented:  January 8, 2013 at 8:30 PM()

I really really like this. Born in Carolina, but never raised. Dude this speaks to me. If you don’t mind, what’s the story behind the lyrics? Sounds very real.

And the bass line following the vocal melody in chorus: awesome.

Awesome! Well written, performed, produced! Like rembow I feel this song. Has a great vibe full of emotion! Great job! Thanks for sharing. Bob

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