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Very nice! Thanks for posting.

I like the raw feel to this track. What happened around 1:22 – to the end? Seems like something distracted you and threw off your timing. Have a nice groove until you threw me off balance.

Otherwise, nice guitar chops!

Where are you going with this? Is this a work-in-progress? What’s the goal?

    Commented:  January 6, 2013 at 12:52 AM()

    Hey, thanks! As far as what happened at 1:22, I don’t know. I might of slipped up a tiny bit because I forgot there was a change in the rhythm section toward the end, but other than that my favorite part of the piece personally was the ending.

    I don’t really have any other plans for this piece. My intention here was to just practice improvising while sounding melodic, keeping my note selection very tight, trying to pick the “right” notes instead of just whatever worked.

Nice guitar. Like gofirjet said at 1:22 you ruined my groove, but if this was a true improvisation – you tried to take it somewhere else and it didn’t work as well. Understandable and I am still very impressed. If
it is staying as it is. It is what it is. If your gonna make it a full blown track. I can’t wait to see what it becomes.

    Commented:  January 6, 2013 at 12:58 AM()

    I appreciate it! I don’t have any plans on making it a full blown track. You can refer to the comment I just posted in response to gofirjet’s comment, though I explained a little more!

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