Make it Work

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Joe, love the vibe and the production in this mix. The songwriting is commendable. You have some clever ideas here! You did a good job pointing out many of the challenges that we all face. So it has a great universal appeal! However, the “make it work” line has a preachy attitude like “get over it!” My ear was waiting for a resolution to these problems. Like everything is better when… (Love, Jesus, in your arms) I don’t know but give me something. I need closure and something to make me feel better!

Love the guitar work! Great effort and may be worth a rewrite!

Joe fame
Commented:  August 21, 2013 at 11:10 AM()

Hey there! Thanks for the feedback and I didn’t intend the chorus to have a preachy attitude. Maybe if I said “we” got to make it work instead it wouldn’t sound preachy. As far as providing resolution or closure, that is the whole reason I didn’t sum it up neatly. My message is, no matter what your (our) struggles, we have to find a way to Make it Work and I don’t think there is one pat answer for that.

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