Me and My Old Friend, BO

Noobie user stova007
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This is a short song I wrote about a break-up and having a friend in my dog, Bo. Probably wont do much with it, but i just thought it was a fun song to write. Anyway, let me know what you think!

The conversation aint what it used to be
and theres an old friend sitting on the stairs next to me

I hope you remember
me and my old friend, Bo
I hope you dont forget that
we dont need you anymore

The carpet stains are seeping through the floor
and theres a queen sized bed in my room
and another one by the door

I hope you remember
me and my old friend, Bo
I hope you dont forget that
we dont need you anymore

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7 Responses to Me and My Old Friend, BO

Really nice guitar. Your voice fits well. Like the dog element too.
I like how the second guitar came in and out. Nice little song.


Alright dang-it. Again, this is over-the-top good. Lots of talent, and the production was worth whatever it cost.

You’re taking me to school!

Roojam (rusty)

    Commented:  March 16, 2013 at 3:25 PM()

    Roojam, thanks a lot man. I recorded this in my “home studio” with GarageBand. I think im slowly but steadily learning how to mix the guitars and vocals.Thanks for the kind words, brother!

I can’t see how some thought this was just about a dog. Its obvious.


Very nice sound and warm vocals. The song did draw me in.

I wanted more description of the dog and surroundings. The empty bed is good and the old friend by the door. But I’m not sure if everyone will get that the song is about your dog without the little written description which you provided for us. I think some will if they listen closely. But I think it would be better if you described Bo a little more in the song: fur, growl, bark, what the dog likes to do: sleep, fetch? I know two “people” right off the top of my head named Bo. So, I think some will get it but not all; the picture can be painted better.

Thaks for posting, you did a nice job presenting it.

    Commented:  March 16, 2013 at 3:29 PM()

    Gordsd, thanks for the listen and comments. Ive gone back and forth on these lyrics, and I still don’t know if I love them or not. As you said, the lyrics are so ambiguous that only a handful of people would probably “get it”.

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