Modern Hearts

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Here’s my contest remix submission of Modern Hearts by The Knocks.

Here’s an alternate link if you don’t have the required Flash Player:

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OK I know remixes are really not songwriting. However, it is a creative process and I’d like to get your comments and suggestions on the production! Thanks. Bob

Commented:  May 22, 2013 at 12:15 AM()


Bob I’m not sure if I’m qualified to comment on this sort of thing but it sounds really great to me. The only thing I notice and it doesn’t bother me but might be something to consider, is that the dynamics between the quiet and loud parts of the song are considerable and most radio songs in this genre are more compressed so as to grab the listener throughout. i could be totally off base though because I have no training or credits in this department.

    Danny, you are exactly right about the compression in this genre. I personally don’t like mixes that are over compressed and screaming loud the entire song. I purposely tried to build some dynamic range into this mix! So great job noticing!

    It’s doing well in the contest! Thanks for listening and commenting!


Dude this is fantastic! I think your mix and production is top notch. I went from listening with a critical ear to simply enjoying the music. Any comment that I may have would me petty compared to the overall awesome sounds you have going on.

You’re getting a great full sound. The one small comment I could think to make is that I would have come in a bit stronger on thefirst beat of the very last chorus. But jeez, overall the elements you have going on make this a great piece of work.

Keep up the great work!

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