Must Be You

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I love the intro. Stones-esque. i won’t comment on the vocal again, but it’s similar to others you’ve posted 🙂 This is the best one youve posted in my opinion. The recording needs a lot of work. Particularly I’d like to mention that your guitar sounds processed and lacks “in your face” presence. I don’t really know what presence means to a sound engineer so forgive the qualifier. The whole thing could be mixed and mastered better. It’s kinda a fun romp though. It has potential. has a bit of a Dylan nonchalance to the lyric and “The Band” funkyness too. Could be cool. Needs work I think.


Toney Wright
Commented:  August 22, 2013 at 12:43 AM()

Cool song. I like the chord changes and lyrics. I agree with Danny on the guitar I think you should come in a little stronger with it, not different just a more stronger presence. and it does have a Dylan flavor to it. personally I think the vocals are ok but hey Dylan can’t sing either…Toney

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