Nashville (Makes Me Feel)

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This is a demo I’m working on in my home studio. It’s about a love/hate relationship with nashville. I think i might just break it down and only do a guitar and vocal. Anyway, Please let me know what you think!

We could walk these streets anywhere
but you and I have chosen to walk them here
and though they say the city never sleeps
It’s sleeping on me
Sometimes its just not meant to be

and in the houses you see nothin but broken hearts
and on the stage they try to hide them with old guitars
and I still remember every word to “blood on the tracks”
but it’s Nashville Skyline that always brings me back

maybe I should pack my bags and move along
maybe another city wont do me so wrong
sometimes the hardest part is letting go
oh, but nothing makes me feel, makes me feel, makes me feel
alive like Nashville

and they will build you up just to tear you down
cut up your name, cut it in 2 and drag it around the town
and all those buildings that you see hundreds of feet off of the ground
dont let em build you up
just to tear you down


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7 Responses to Nashville (Makes Me Feel)

I was expecting a country tune from “Nashville” and a demo quality production. However, I was wrong on both accounts. You are getting a very big sound in this uncomplicated mix. The vocals are killer vocals! Excellent songwriting with some very clever lines. Got a love this one “… they say the city never sleeps – It’s sleeping on me”

Songwriting, production, lyrics, performance, everything is very well done! Refreshing melody in the chorus. I can’t imagine you changing much. However, it does seem a little long. Maybe cut out the instrumental part after the 2nd chorus since it does not offer anything new. Go right into the 3rd chorus then outro.

One of the best tunes I’ve heard recently. Keep it up! Thanks for posting.


Commented:  February 25, 2013 at 9:50 AM()

Positives: good job of capturing ambiguous feelings on the subject; I also like the performance and production. Negatives: I don’t know whether the Dylan reference is enough of a universal to communicate to more than a few old people like me. And I’ve heard variations of this line– “build you up just to tear you down” –many times in songs; you use it twice in one verse.

Commented:  February 25, 2013 at 10:15 AM()

This demo is kick a**. Change nothing. May your submissions bring you success.

Great song. The minimalist production is a perfect fit with your song’s story. Great talent and skills all around.

I’ve got several talented friends and acquaintances in/around Nashville (Music ‘Bizness’ City) who subsist at various levels of success. Its a tough life and one that I really admire, though I know that when you’re the one livin’ it doesn’t always feel admirable. There’s plenty of folks ready to hold you back, so don’t help them by holding yourself back. Because you’ve got all you need! Keep it up!

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