Return To Zero

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Six days on the road, clear eyed and tongue tied
return to zero and falling in a landslide
it’s not my place to wander from living in a hole
and now I’m out of reasons, can you make me whole


On sugar lane you set me free I’m on my way back home
I’m on my way to reset me can’t wait to be alone

Return to zero, now is like the last time
Looking for a door or anyway to get outside
Someday we’ll find the high road where thornless flowers grow
We’ll find the easy answers they all seem to know


And in a little while we’ll all be falling apart
and all of the kings men wont put us back again
I never worry cause were all just falling apart
If you only had one life would you live like you mean it
or would you just laugh on the easy way out

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7 Responses to Return To Zero

Wow! Great song.

Really Like this one. Great guitar riffs and hooks, sharp dynamics, catchy as hell.

The intro was really good, it got me into the song from the first note.

I dig the chorus music but the lyrics for the chorus don’t hold up for me.

On sugar lane you set me free I’m on my way back home
I’m on my way to reset me can’t wait to be alone

Not feeling like it works.

sugar lane/free – cool
On my / back home, – don’t get that
On my / reset me, – frig’n awesome,
can’t wait to be alone ….lost me there.

I guess you got free from a bad relationship? and now your feeling good cause your life is back to what is was before. Is getting back home, getting back to yourself? is alone = you? Kinda confusing for me what feeling you are tying to express.

The break was really cool. Loved the outro, very sharp

The Eq seems flat, too much mid-range? It just seemed to lack some high end air. Your other songs have a better eq mix than this one.

I think this is a really great song, my favorite one of yours for sure.


Thanks James. The lyrics are hard, or maybe impossible to follow. I guess if I had to explain it it would be more about getting in and out of a relationship that you’re ambivalent toward. I appreciate your candor and can understand your confusion. I agree that the eq is probably laking and the production in general. Thanks for the well reasoned comments. I will take them into consideration.

Joe fame
Commented:  August 17, 2013 at 6:46 PM()

Sounds to me like you listened to a lot of Beatles. Not that this song sounds like a Beatles song but some of the changes remind of Beatles songs. Gotta be honest, for my tastes, the song kind of lays there. It has some interesting ideas but doesn’t really build to much of anything and it seems a bit scattered. Almost like you put together pieces of a few different songs together to make one. Nothing in it really jumps out and grabs you. Not bad though.

Commented:  August 18, 2013 at 8:23 AM()

To be honest, I really like the progression and melody of the song. Very well done. The only thing holding this song back, for me, is the lyrics and the vocal performance. No passion in the vocals and the lyrics do nothing for me.

    Thanks for the feedback. The lyrics are pretty esoteric which doesn’t work for every listener. I agree about the vocal. I might try another take and remix it and see what happens. Thanks again.


    Also, I like you’re no holds barred approach to critique. Tear up some of my other stuff on here if you get a chance. I’d like to hear some of your stuff too.


Toney Wright
Commented:  August 18, 2013 at 12:02 PM()

I like the song Danny, good intro and chord changes and dynamics and as always your vocals are great but, lyric wise It’s hard to follow for me. the chorus is pretty good but, I get the feeling there should be more to the story…Toney

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