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Jazz. This piece works around the flat 5 and deviates slightly from the ‘standards’ genre. Enjoy.

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Commented:  February 4, 2013 at 11:56 AM()

I could definitely hear this as a theme song for a TV show. Nicely done!

Very nice Clinton. This is another one of yours which drew me in to listen closer. I really liked the way you used the flattened 5th. The song did “not” bore me. It kept my attention to the end. I liked the tempo as well: I could visualize dancing to this with my wife, nightclub two step.

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to slow the tempo down in the middle somewhere for two to four bars and then speed it back up to the present tempo and then repeat the slow down again at the end for two to four bars and end. I know with some lesser recording programs this is difficult to do with the onboard drum machines and with other better ones it is easy. I should do the same with a few of my recordings but I don’t take the time, usually, unless I record it completely live. Anyway, I thought I would throw that suggestion in here, but I like it as it is.

du, du, du, . . du. . . du . . .du . . dut. . . . duuuuuuuh

I know, I’m a dork!!!!!!


Nice piece of music. Being a guitar player I could not help but wonder what the song would sound like with some guitar matching the main riff. Something about a Les Paul and a Marshall. It is the guitarist in me LOL. I always liked the way Chicago combined horns, keys and brass with some killer guitar. Enjoyed the song.

Commented:  February 5, 2013 at 1:59 PM()

Vince Guaraldiesque (Charles Shultz, “Peanuts”, theme).

I enjoyed it very much through the first minute, it totally drew me in. Great dity.

(Since I am not much of a jazz or easy listener (or whatever genre this falls into), these next comments may not matter to what you’re trying to achieve: I’d love to hear more instruments involved. Also, it seems to lack a contrasting variation between the first & the second minute to keep it from being totally monotonous after 3 minutes (perhaps what might be considered a chorus, and/or what gordsd suggested). If a female jazz singer approaches you to sing something on it, I’d encourage you to let her do it (Keep an instrumental version, as well, though).)

Great job, great feel (though sounds computer generated. If you’ve created it via midi, you might use the “Humanize” feature), great goin’ over all.

I loved the strong opening and the power behind the piano thru-out the song. I also would like to hear some horns every now and then during the song. also you might try to soften it up in the middle and then come back in strong to add to the dynamics.
However would still make a great theme song for a T.V. show.
Great Job!!

Commented:  February 6, 2013 at 6:27 PM()

Very enjoyable! The finger crossovers were very nicely done. Could see a nice smoky room, lace vails, and a cold drink. Nicely done, hope to hear more.

Very enjoyable – I’m not very technical, or very jazz oriented, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m impressed.


I can appreciate getting outside the box and deviating from the norm. You have created something different and refreshing. Very nice groove going on here. I like the tasteful use of altered chords with the underlying vibe. I enjoyed the listen. Keep em coming! Bob

Nice playing. I like the harmonies. I think it might benefit from some other voices like a bass for instance and a real percussionist. Could use a bit of dynamics in the structure. Does a lot of theme and variation without a lot of contrast. Some good ideas here I think.

Commented:  February 13, 2013 at 9:44 PM()

Nice. It is upbeat and great tempo. Sort of a refreshing sound of jazz. Classy and mild natured.

I love how it’s heavy on the piano bass notes. Reminds of Vince Guaraldi. It’s great and it held my attention from beginning to end.

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