Some Centuries

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Working on music for this but haven’t been able to find something appropriate yet (I welcome suggestions, please). It’s basically a sarcastic song about shallow affection and delusions of grandeur.

You’re prettier than most girls
Got some mirror in those eyes
And it’s a hard place
That you got me in
It’s a sweet race
That i’m gonna win
Just give me some space
Time to make amends
It takes so many dimensions
Just to save a few cents

You got a heart attack
For a happy laugh
Got a handshake like an earthquake
Got me spinning dizzy tales
Make you the queen of wales
But we’re not british
We’re goddamn americans
And we like it that way

You say it once
Won’t say it again
Don’t blame you one bit
If there was a way
I could say the way it is
In less than ten million words
I’d be an almanac
I’d be the king of expression
It’s the answers in question
And you say yes
Every time

I’ll tell you true, I will
If you’re the queen of wales
And I’m the king of paint spills
What does that make us?
What does that make us?
I say we’re made of dollar bills
Wet sheets of dead trees
Cut and dry dyed green
To build a scene
Call it the land of the free
Or a recipe from a bad dream

But if you’re a character in my day dream
And you play the one who’s meant for me
Then who are you supposed to be
The remaining seven days this week?
Who are you when I’m asleep?

If you weren’t crazy you’d be dead
With a hole in your head
Where instinct should’ve been
Was supposed to build a tent
Of illusion to buttress your confusion
I mean our confusion
I mean their contusions
Sweet sympathetic evolution
Blessed distance from my sanity
Deliver me so blandly
From the madness borne of vision
Just take the ticket
Go on, take the ticket

You’re prettier than most girls
Got some fear in those lies
And what a great day
We’ve been born in
What a clean face
I’ll be buried with
Not a thing to miss
Give it a century or two
Just give it some centuries

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2 Responses to Some Centuries

For some reason, I did not see this before? Anyway, I ike it Rembow. Many rhymes but not every line, free style but it has a flow, could be put to music but a bit wordy for my style. I think I wrote this before to another who posted a poem/song to set to music: Go to youtube and listen to “Piss Factory,” how Patti Smith sets her poetry to music. I think this would work in the same way:

I mean not exactly of course, but how the poem is kinda sploken with feeling without being sung.

Write me what you think of my last post “Only Love will win a Holy War” I know, it’s very idealistic; it’s been ther for days and no responses–boo hoo hoo.

Commented:  January 22, 2013 at 8:01 PM()

Damn I’d never heard that song. I like Patti Smith but never listened to anything outside of Horses.

Glad you like it though. Wordy, true. I have no idea what I’m doing, haha.

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