Sorry Baby… I’m drunk again

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I know many of you guys have heard an earlier version of this song. I wouldn’t post it but posting is slow right now so I thought I’d ask your opinion. I’m interested what you think of the side stick work the drummer does on the snare. I think it’s cool but it’s a little outside the pocket. Does it sound ok to you? Any comments on the song itself or the production are always greatly appreciated too.

Just about the time I lay down last night
I could tell that somethin’ wasn’t right
A blue moon came up over the hill
Set himself down on my window sill
I’ve never been one for just laying awake
It makes me meaner than a rattlesnake
So hello vodka, hello gin
goodbye babe I’m gettin’ drunk again
Sorry baby…I’m drunk again

Got off early about a week ago
Figured I’d go home and kinda take it slow
Started walkin’ but to my chagrin
Home’s not the direction I was moving in
My feet must have been plottin’ with my hands
Both of them seemed to have other plans
Got to the bar, cruised right in
Goodby babe I’m getting drunk again
Sorry baby… I’m drunk again

I know I was suppose to meet you at your sisters house
Your mama tried to warn you that I was a louse
Nothing ever seems to go the way I planned
I always end up drinking all that I can stand
It’s just like a flower to a bumblebee
It’s like a fish swimming in the deep blue sea
Your mama was right way back when
Look out babe I’m getting drunk again

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6 Responses to Sorry Baby… I’m drunk again

Commented:  April 13, 2013 at 4:10 PM()

i really like this tune, i think you need to make your chorus more distinct, different from your verse. do i have any ideas, no ! but i do like your song. also better production might help. i figure this is just a demo to get it on tape so you can polish. good effort, kess

I like the song as before so I’ll just comment on the side stick as requested. It took me back a little when I first heard it. I think it’s a little too unconventional to be well received. The syncopation kinda throws you off the beat. Kudos for getting outside the box with this but I just don’t think it works in the context of this song. However, after a second or third listen its a little less offending.

Toney Wright
Commented:  April 15, 2013 at 8:25 PM()

I can relate to this!! Love it!!

Commented:  April 17, 2013 at 11:50 AM()

Theres never enough drinking songs!!!! I like this one! The only thing that kinda threw me off was when the rim shots or wood block was being hit on the off beats. It only remember it happening 3 times I think in the song, but other than that, Good ONE!

    Thanks! That’s why I posted the song actually. I wanted to see if the rim shots seemed over the top because a number of friends have thought so. I really appreciate the feedback.


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