Spanish Fort

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Spanish Fort – by James Gallelli

No – word
From Spanish fort
No – word
From Spanish Fort

Waiting to see, waiting
If word will come
Waiting to see, waiting for
A hawk or a dove

No – word
From Spanish ……..

Deep in the night, waiting
For word to come
Is it fight or flight, do I stand and
fight or do I run

No – word
From Spanish ……

– solo – dirty guitar

No – word
From Spanish ……

The silence is deafening
More than a mind can take
No news is no news
Is this love, or is this …….

No – word
From Spanish ……

My world is poised, waiting
To hear some news
If word never comes, I guess
I’ll just keep …..
Playing these blues

No – word
From Spanish ……

– solo – more dirty guitar

No – word
from Spanish …….

A sailor lies, waiting
To know his fate
Her walls go up, only she —-
Can open the gates

No – word
From Spanish …….

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7 Responses to Spanish Fort

Very nice! I could tell that you were enjoying yourself–almost six minutes! I liked the slide; everything sounded pleasing to me ear–the feel and style. I could understand all the words pretty much but the vocals could cut through the mix a little better–like aobut 50% of the other song posts on the web–I don’t know maybe a little more treble/highs on the equalizer on the vocal track. Other than that I enjoyed it.

Hey thanks for giving a listen. Yeah alittle long I was gonna do some editing, probably should have. As far as the vocals I may have been hiding alittle. I am in need of a voice or vocalist in a bad way. I am
getting more comfortable with recording it any way.

Thanks again I’ll check out your new post soon.

Enjoyed the tune. Not sure exactly where you were going with the story but maybe the vagueness is what kept me interested. I think it’s just enough to allow the listener to use their imagination in this song. If that’s what you were going for, great! I enjoyed the listen. Bob.

    Hey thanks for the listen. I guess vagueness works. Long story short, I was sent to the Gulf of Mexico for that oil spill a little while ago. While I was there and my wife was home. She/We had a lack of communication. Where she would not talk and as long as she wouldn’t, we weren’t. Anyhow I took a tour of a Spanish Fort in Pennsecola (also my wife is Hispanic), and I thought when their doors were shut there’s was no getting through (like my wife). So fort/woman – there ya go. Again thanks for listening. I appreciate it.

Commented:  January 9, 2013 at 8:52 PM()

I like the metaphor. And I actually like the low guitar BEHIND the lead guitar in the instrumental parts, haha. All sounds great though. Vocals, yeah, but you already talked about that. Good stuff.

    Rembo – thanks for taking the time. I wasn’t really happy with the production, but I wanted to move on. I think this could be really good with a competent band and singer performning it. Thanks for listening and I’ll return the favor soon.


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