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Land of Light

Noobie user triggs
posted 18 comments!

A song I wrote and recorded in a rock format. The song is about the awareness that exist beyond our fearful self imposed prison and how liberation is right there in the metaphorical Land Of Light.

Trust in the Love

Advanced contributor gordsd
posted 86 comments!

Here is a song and pictures I’ve been working on for a while. All the pictures of flowers and landscape are mine–except two of landscape and me which my wife took, and two of stars in space and two of doves which I pulled from public domain sites. Lyrics will pop up on the screne; there are not many words so I think this will work this time. Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening.

Hey Tee Fee

Noobie user andyburr
posted 19 comments!

A Cajun swing. ‘Tee Fee’ is kinda phonetic slang for the Cajun French ‘Petite Fille’ or ‘little girl.’ The title could be translated as, basically, “Hey Baby.” (Really deep thoughts goin’ on here!)

Time Doesn’t Wait For Me

Advanced contributor roojam
posted 30 comments!

Song idea recorded Feb 2013. Logic Pro, Telecaster, Simon Patrick acoustic, Yamaha bass, Indie Live Kit drums.

Guns Have Rights (gordsd 1st attempt)

Advanced contributor gordsd
posted 86 comments!

Here’s what I made up from some earlier suggestions: Rembow had the idea for the song and chords (but I changed the rhythm and style a bit—a lot?) 3jBlank pretty much wrote the lyrics (which I changed a bit). Please don’t excommunicate me for this. I know I have too much time on my hands, so this gave me something to do. Please feel free to degrade me and the stuff I made up as you please; I’m sure I deserve it! Rembow, I did it for you! I hope you either like it or have a good laugh!

I went down to the river and there was blood in the water

In the end, the guns gonna win
cuz it aint got, no control

The last two standing, gonna die
By the gun, or a loss of a soul

Tension, hence the gun, hence the gun, hence the gun 2x

I went down to the river and there was blood in the water

The gun got a right, all its own
it never kills, all alone

When a gun holds its trigger, someone will fall
Silence ends, justice calls

[instrumental bridge]

I went down to the river and there was blood in the water

If a gun had rights, I’d never been born
Driven to love, I toot my horn

Invention, igniting
Actions, raising

Thanks for listening!

I Brake for Love

Advanced contributor kessmonsters
posted 52 comments!

Haunting Serenade

Advanced contributor gofirjet
posted 79 comments!

I couldn’t resist the temptation to sample my Coyote caller! Had to capture the howl of their “Haunting Serenade.” Thanks for watching and commenting! Bob

Sunday in the Morning

Noobie user vincenti
posted 20 comments!

Nashville (Makes Me Feel)

Noobie user stova007
posted 23 comments!

This is a demo I’m working on in my home studio. It’s about a love/hate relationship with nashville. I think i might just break it down and only do a guitar and vocal. Anyway, Please let me know what you think!

We could walk these streets anywhere
but you and I have chosen to walk them here
and though they say the city never sleeps
It’s sleeping on me
Sometimes its just not meant to be

and in the houses you see nothin but broken hearts
and on the stage they try to hide them with old guitars
and I still remember every word to “blood on the tracks”
but it’s Nashville Skyline that always brings me back

maybe I should pack my bags and move along
maybe another city wont do me so wrong
sometimes the hardest part is letting go
oh, but nothing makes me feel, makes me feel, makes me feel
alive like Nashville

and they will build you up just to tear you down
cut up your name, cut it in 2 and drag it around the town
and all those buildings that you see hundreds of feet off of the ground
dont let em build you up
just to tear you down


Don’t Really Know

Noobie user alkomusicman
posted 6 comments!

Another tune in On The Road, my upcoming musical starring Charley, a man of music and musings and in Recovery. (We’re still lookin for Charley by the way. If you know where he is, please let him know that we’re looking for him:)


Noobie user alkomusicman
posted 6 comments!

Demo of minor blues tune in On The Road, new musical revue by Alan Kovin

Till I Give Up The Ghost

Noobie user triggs
posted 18 comments!

Some rough stuff out of my studio consisting of a live acoustic and vocal track after which I went  back and added bass guitar. This is a work recording but I wanted to throw it out there to see what I could gleam from the  esteemed critics here at Artist Nest.

Be There

Noobie user alkomusicman
posted 6 comments!

This is the rough draft of a tune to be in my upcoming musical revue, On The Road. This is just piano, vocal and drum loop, with solo humming . Would love to get ideas on arrangement. I categorize this tune as folk-pop-gospel

From The Heartland

Noobie user alkomusicman
posted 6 comments!

From the Heartland
Words and Music by Alan Kovin
Copyright 2003

Went down to the city just the other day
Asked a guy to help me find a way
And I didn’t know…that he was low
He was down cause the girl of his dreams was bout to go
I knew how he felt from the heartland of my soul

Looked around the corner seeing lines
People in their hurry passing by
And it just shows…it hurts me so
We live in a world alone, it makes me cry
And I lose my cool when I see the reason why

We can fight at night with the power of flags and freedom
By the light and the might that keeps our honor clean
But when it comes to some common sense in our own kingdom
Oh—Oh is our reason-ing leaving
And we don’t even make a scene

Well you might think….I’m on the left wing, or on the right wheel
Depends how I feel
But my main stand it’s for the Heartland
That’s where I’ll always be

Goodbye and hello people on the road
Those of us who’ve got to find a home
And I didn’t know..but I was told
There’s gold deep inside when your body’s strong and whole
It keeps me goin in the heartland of my soul

We can drive at night in our caddies in California
Slide through the night with the smog and the burning need
But when it comes to common sense for fueling freedom
Oh-oh is our reasoning leaving, we don’t even see the greed

Well you might think….I’m on the left wing, or on the right wheel
Depends how I feel
But my main stand it’s for the Heartland
That’s where I’ll always be

Did You Call Me

Advanced contributor gofirjet
posted 79 comments!

Hey everyone. Trying to get outside of what I normally do with this electronic tune. This probably falls into the genre of Trance but I’m not sure as I’m still learning. This is my first electronic tune so any suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks for listening and commenting. Bob

“Gun Rights” proto-demo

Advanced contributor rembow
posted 34 comments!

I’m actually trying to get ideas with this. If anyone’s interested in collaborating let me know. I got the atmosphere I want, the mood I’m trying to get across, but I’m having trouble with a vocal melody. Got a basic idea (the thing I kind of hum at the beginning) but… it’s hard to explain; I’m not able to sing it for some reason. Anyway I’m posting for two reasons:

1) Is the mood palpable/is the emotion conveyed convincingly?

2) Any ideas for fleshing it out?

It’s a basic sort of blues-based progression but built around a B flat minor-ish chord I like a lot.


Advanced contributor clintsythe
posted 46 comments!

Jazz. This piece works around the flat 5 and deviates slightly from the ‘standards’ genre. Enjoy.

Me and You

Noobie user renips
posted 6 comments!

It has been a while since I have been on this site. I am starting to write for my next CD so I figure I would post some of my ideas. If anyone feels inclined to provide any feedback that would be welcomed. If not just enjoy :).

The song is called Me and You. This really happened so the story depicts that evening. Oh and December in Florida was a bit chilly that night LOL


December chill it was in the night

The bar was closing down

The stars were out

And the moon was bright

We spoke with each other

It was out of sight

How many times

All over the world

Do people share a moment or two

Like me and you

Her hands were warm

And her smile bright

I told her a joke

And she laughed all right

Her eyes they sparkled

Like a warm bright light

There was magic in the air

And we shared it all night

How many times

All over the world

Do people share a moment or two

Like me and you

The bar went dark

It was time to leave

As we walked outside

there was a cool evening breeze

We got to our cars

And we shared an embrace

I kissed her on the cheek

And we went our separate ways

How many times

All over the world

Do people share a moment or two

Like me and you


Advanced contributor clintsythe
posted 46 comments!

Iridophobia — fear of rainbows (yes, it’s really a word, despite what your spell-check says).

This piece seeks to capture the energy of King Crimson’s starless period. Enjoy.

When U Stand Next 2 Me Feat. Pyonyr

Noobie user rllewis999
posted 9 comments!

“When U Stand Next -2 Me” Feat. Pyonr a song about a man and his love interest as she mesmerizes him with her beauty and mystic.  What are the pros and what are the cons to this piece?   How are the lead vocals?

Just Stop

Noobie user please-please
posted 5 comments!


Noobie user please-please
posted 5 comments!

Gilded Like Lilies

Not Ranked Yet capricorn658
posted 0 comments!

If you love Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love,” King Crimson’s “Epitaph,” or Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You” you might dig this. The vox are a lil shaky (it was done in a first take) but I would very much appreciate any feedback 🙂 Click “show more” for lyrics underneath the video box


Noobie user gwhool
posted 14 comments!

I wrote this song for a friend of mine to sing. I think she has a great voice. She had never sang anything like this before. She grew up tap dancing and doing mostly Broadway Musical stuff. So this was new to her but I think she did a wonderful job.


Noobie user jbj0005
posted 2 comments!

Hey everyone! Thanks for continuing to help me hone my songwriting, vocals, production, and music skills. I really take everything you guys say to heart and try to get better each time. That said, here is my latest attempt at it. I hope you guys will give it a few minutes of your time. Your feedback is much appreciated!!!!


Crazy (+4)

last night I had another dream, about us when we were 17, we fell love in at the Bradford County Fair

Yeah we ran wild and free like the Summer breeze, Your best friend friend had a crush me, you still deny putting bubble gum in her hair

I can’t forget those Friday night football games, you wore your hair in a pony tail, and my number painted on your face


We were crazy, We were young in love baby

It makes me smile every time, I pop cork off a bottle of wine and we dance, by candlelight across the living room floor

We never lost our sense of wonder, you know they say that age is just a number

Who says you can’t have that feeling anymore, 

and let’s prove em’ all wrong just one more time, we’ll turn on our favorite song and open up another bottle of wine


Cause we’re crazy, we’re young in love baby

Drunk kisses underneath the stars, fire flies in Mason Jars, bonfires and dancing in the rain

Shining deer on them old back roads, Bud Light and fishing poles, I can see it all like yesterday

remember when your momma didn’t want us together

aw girl look at us now, we’re building our own forever


we’re crazy, we’re young in love baby

A sugar high from Big League Chew, That’s the story of me and you, some memories never fade away

Remember when they said it aint gonna last, yeah cause we’re crazy, I’m in love with ya baby



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