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  1. Toney Wright says:

    I love you like the sunshine
    I love you like a harvest moon
    I love you (yes I do) like the spring time
    when the honeysuckles are in bloom

    I love you like a cool breeze
    I love you like a mountain stream
    I love you (yes I do) like the sunset
    when the whippoorwill sings

    darling you know I don’t talk that much
    it just ain’t my style
    I gotta say that I love you so much
    oh baby you make me smile
    stay with me a while
    I love you like a summer rain
    I love you like a freight train
    that’s the way I love you

  2. melodicintention says:

    I can’t honestly come up with any criticisms for this song. It is well constructed and I could hear this being played on the radio. I like the raspy vocals. The lead guitar speaks to me. The only thing I can say is to maybe tighten up the ending maybe, but otherwise this is a good tune.

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