Time Doesn’t Wait For Me

Advanced contributor roojam
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Song idea recorded Feb 2013. Logic Pro, Telecaster, Simon Patrick acoustic, Yamaha bass, Indie Live Kit drums.

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21 Responses to Time Doesn’t Wait For Me

Commented:  March 12, 2013 at 7:58 PM()

sounds good the only thing i hear is that the chorus doesn’t stand out enough. sounds just like another verse to me. maybe change the chord progression of your chorus ? i do like it though, kess

Commented:  March 12, 2013 at 7:58 PM()

country music is not my thing,sounds good another country song

    CM isn’t my thing either but its what evolved during the writing of this one. I try not to cull an idea because it doesn’t fit what I perceive as my genre, which happens to be polka death metal. 🙂 Thanks for the input.

Nic Rodeo
Commented:  March 12, 2013 at 8:49 PM()

Nice tune, groov’n type of 60’s vibe R&B. I wouldn’t consider it in the country genre. Lead guitar levels could come down a scotch, but that is just my preference. Nice mix. What are you using for your interface mic pre’s? and type of mic? Good song, up beat, good groove.

    Thanks! I have a hard time with this genre labeling. / My vocal mic is a MXL 2003a, a very nice condenser for the price. My pre is a Roland UA-55 Quad Capture, which I could not be more pleased with. My limitations are all between my ears.

Nice song, songs are supposed to be free but the industry dictates that you are supposed to have a verse, chorus, bridge and hook.(Good thing Roy Orbison ignored all that stuff…lol) I think you hit all the prerequisites and wrote a very good radio friendly song. Good Work.

    Thanks! This one didn’t start off with a formula in mind but as it evolved I listened and allowed it to find its own path, even when the path was already worn with a two foot deep wagon wheel rut! 🙂

    I think a true artist has to follow where the work leads and not the other way around, even if at times it means your peers think you are doing the opposite.

I really like the title: “Time Doesn’t Wait for Me.” I thought the mix was very good. Sometimes sound systems will play songs different than other sound systems; the player in my pickup really increases the bass of everything I put in it, and I always have to turn the bass down. I say this because Nic R wrote to turn down the lead guitar a bit, but on my computer sound system, played threw my big boom box, it all sounds perfect to me? The song really drew me in. Of all the songs you’ve posted, this one is my favorite. The only thing I would write, which I’ve written to others, is to take the time to post the lyrics; they are easier to critique that way.

    Thanks so much! Yes getting the mix right is a tough, iterative process, as is mastering, where its crucial to listen on many different systems, tweak, get other opinions, tweak, do it again,…repeat,..then at some point you have to stop and live with the result. Hopefully my skills will keep improving with time. Fo pun intended.

Here are the lyrics. I’ll remember to post lyrics next time.

Pull yourself together now, it seems that everything gets you down.
Get a grip on reality, before the next problem comes around.
Simple pleasures are hard to find when you keep your face in your phone.
Thumbing ‘round with your Facebook friends, and then wondering why you’re alone.

Because Time Doesn’t Wait For Me, It just keeps rolling on.
Pretty soon I’ll find myself, at the end of this road I’m on.

Thinking that I would just sit down and put everything down in a list.
But two or three pages later, and still coming up with things I missed.
Prioritizing and Compromizin’, about to get things underway.
Then I noticed what time it was, and realized I’d lost the day.

Took so much just to get this far, don’t waste it all away.
Don’t set your eyes on the finish line, the prize in the race!

I only tend to the hard chores, when a harder on comes along.
If I don’t change I’ll wind up with, nothing but what I have on.

Good song. Upbeat this could easily be pulled off with soul feel. i like the way you doubled your solo with acoustic and electric. Nice touch.


Commented:  March 13, 2013 at 11:37 PM()

Roojam, I’m digging this. It’s songs like this that put me in a good mood. The mix sounds great, and the acoustic guitar work is awesome. Really good work here. I’m looking forward to hearing more stuff out of you.

This is pretty good. I particularly like the vocals. you have a really good sound on the mic and great performances too. The guitar tracks, while well performed sound a little thin. I especially don’t like the electric guitar tone which doesn’t seem alive. I like the little turn around at the end of the track. Bass sounds alright. Take a little reverb off the vocal and try a different guitar tone. Lots of potential here. I don’t have a lot to say about the vocal. simple and straight forward though. Easy to relate to.

    Good ears! The electric guitar’s tone is terrible. Brand new, unfamiliar amp, in a carpeted room, with an obviously bad dynamic mic haphazardly placed. I’m guilty of not devoting enough time to the recording of that guitar part.

    Vocals reverb – I agree with your suggestion. Thanks for confirming my inner voice that was telling me there must be more black arts involved in tracking vocals that what I had in play during this session. My future tracks have much more expertise built into their creation!

    Thanks for the words!

Commented:  April 15, 2013 at 6:04 PM()

I really like the song. It has a nice spirit. I would label it as an easy feelgood jam. You captured the essence of the song, I wont elaborate on the recording at all. Great song…all that matters here right?

    Thanks very much!

    And, yes, its about the song first and foremost, however I welcome comments about the production as well since I am doing these on my own and don’t have the ear of a producer to say things like “lets redo that part”, or “jeez, the drummer keeps missing the hi hats” ..and such. After listening to the song, any song for that matter, for multiple times, after a while the mind tends to block out nuances and problems that to a fresh set of ears may scream out “hey this needs to be fixed!”

    Thanks again!

Commented:  April 18, 2013 at 11:23 AM()

I think its a really good song. Not much to critique. Acoustic guitar is really good! Drums were mixed pretty good. Hard to get a great live drum mix! Good job!

Toney Wright
Commented:  February 19, 2014 at 2:26 AM()

I was just scrolling down through the songs and found this and I’m glad I did!cool song!! well written both lyrically and musically.vocals and harmonizing are great. the only critique I can think of is maybe adding some piano. your voice reminds me of Johnny Rivers. Toney

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