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I see your sky, See your clouds
See your world upside down
I bring the sun, today

I watch you climb broken walls
watch you tumble watch you fall
leaving the pain, today

R'member love
Here for you
R'member love
That's all you need,   to do
Oh, today, today
Don't let the tears get in your way

instrumental break / verse

R'member love
Here for you
R'member love
That's all you need,   to do
Oh, today, today
Don't let the tears get in your way

I know your sky, blue and wide
Know your heart from inside
I know your smile, Today

R'member love
Here for you
R'member love
That's all you need,   to do

Oh, Today,  Today,  Today

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14 Responses to TODAY

Catchy tun and tasty chords!
I really like the melody and your voice.
I think you’ve got George Harrison stuck in your throat! (Thats a compliment.)

Commented:  May 30, 2013 at 4:35 PM()

I would love to listen to this but I can’t from my phone and my laptop WiFi isn’t working. sorry 🙁

Love the atmosphere you created in the intro with the dreamy guitar!

Lyrically you are delivering a positive message to someone!

R’member love
Here for you
R’member love
That’s all you need to do
Oh, today, today
Don’t let the tears get in your way

All positive! However, musically you are telling a different story. The feeling create with the music is one of sadness. That’s great creative music but I want it to match the lyrics! I like what you have done, both lyrically and musically, but they don’t seem to work together. Maybe rewrite lyrics for your track and create new music for your lyrics and you’ll have 2 songs! Win win!

Production note: I’m a big fan of L-C-R panning. I think hard L and R are great with ping delays, call and response, similar instruments in the same frequency, etc. However, our ears are accustom to hearing drums straight up C! Especially the kick and snare. Your mix sounds unbalanced with the heavy part of your drum kit mostly L. I also would stay away from using automation panning on your drums. I know hearing the unexpected is sometimes refreshing but this time it didn’t work for my ears. If you want to spread out your kit, try hard panning the hat, ride, and crash with a splash of reverb on the opposite side.

The guitar parts are creative and well done! I like the step-down effect! James, your music is very creative and what I’ve heard so far certainly has your signature. Some of that is due to the unique quality of your voice! I enjoy hearing your creations and I’m looking forward to your next post! Keep up the good work!


    Thanks Bob,

    I think the drums center could be cool.I did offset to L 33% but I agree, it isn’t working for this. I’ll post a new mix for this one soon.

    Not sure what auto drum panning you refer to, the only drum pan I can think of is the end cymbal crash. As you say, drum were set 33% left but no panning.
    You might be hearing the swell of volume, they can create movements that are not really there. Hmm, not sure myself, but I’ll take another listen and see if I’ve created implied movement where none is wanted nor needed.

    Yes a minor sound for sure, but I think it works really well for what I wanted the lyrics to say against the minor sound.

    The verse is speaks of what is, the hardship, the chorus is hope beyond the fear.

    Don’t let your tears get in the way…..[someone is crying yes?] 🙂

    It won’t be the first time I rewrite lyrics completely so I don’t mind doing so, but I’m not sure it’s needed for these.

    Great feedback ! every thoughtful comment is music to me. It really helps me to get details from a fresh pair of ears. I am really happy to get your insights. Thank you very much for taking time to do so.


      I took another listen and the drum panning is in last few seconds of the song. The ride, snare, and crash all have movement from right to left! That’s great if that’s the effect your are going for. However, if you want to sound like a real drummer… BTW if you want some great advise on creating midi drums you need to hook up with spadanny! He is a master at creating dynamics, pitch, timing, and timbre that sound like a real drummer. Listen to his track here:

      I get what you are saying about the minor key and the message you want to deliver. You know what you are going for better than I do. I was offering a first impression thought and it certainly should be taken with a grain of salt! As I do will all comments and critiques! Just one’s opinion,

      Again, great work and thanks for sharing!

        Your comments are very welcome, so I hope you know I think you had great things to say.

        I have a drummer to add in the real thing and so in some ways this is just a stop gap until I can get him in the studio. I still want to have better midi drums though so I’ll be checking out that link.

        Yeah, I get where that pan is now. Yeah….that was not meant to be.

        Thanks again,

Toney Wright
Commented:  May 30, 2013 at 8:03 PM()

Hey James…I really like this, The lyrics are great and your voice is even better!!…Toney

I was thinking Harrison too. Nice job.


Commented:  June 5, 2013 at 1:07 AM()

Reminds me of the Everly brothers lol. and, vocals a bit too loud maybe?

marc lee
Commented:  June 10, 2013 at 9:26 AM()

has the george harrison vibe; the vocals are a little dressed up for my taste though,

Hi there,

I really love your vocals and harmonies. Very nice! The song sounds a bit like Dear Prudence starting off and that turns me off a bit. I’m all for influences but I don’t know if you want them to be that obvious.

the timing seems off on the turnarounds. I think you might be over reaching on some of those drum turnarounds. They’re confusing to me. The song seems to start and stop in an off-putting way.

I think I would speed it up a little too.

Sorry for all the flak


    Thanks Danny, I appreciate your listening and your comments.

    I didn’t think dear prudence so much as traveling wilburys, 🙂 I don’t know if I can hear Dear Prudence overlap, but you have fresher ears than me, so I’ll need to tweak that.

    Yeah, I’d like to tweak the drum turnarounds, other folk told me to leave them be for now so I’ve let them be.

    A little more up tempo, sounds cool to me.

    Any detail you care to share is great.


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