Trust in the Love

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Here is a song and pictures I’ve been working on for a while. All the pictures of flowers and landscape are mine–except two of landscape and me which my wife took, and two of stars in space and two of doves which I pulled from public domain sites. Lyrics will pop up on the screne; there are not many words so I think this will work this time. Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening.

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The lyrics and music are very good. I like the lead guitars.
Vocals are a place I never critique others, because I suck so bad, but the vocal delivery needs a little variety. Very good song.


Very nice with a good positive message!

Commented:  March 14, 2013 at 1:11 AM()

yo gordsd, again i’m thinking you need to make your chorus more distinct and different from your verses. your lyrics are interesting but you use the same or near same chord progression for both. i think if you change your song structures, 1 chord prog. for your verse, another for your chorus and maybe one more for your bridge. change it up a little and see what happens. listen to the song structures of you fav band or writer. dude we’re all thieves, i mean influenced by other writers and bands. kess

    Thanks Kess, some of my most favorite artist are old punk rockers who, many times, just use the same chords over and over. But you do have a point: the music is predictable. And I am a thief!

i like it. Simple and charming in a disarming way. Don’t have much to say about the pics. The song reminds me of Mazzy Star. Not sure why you put so much echo/reverb on the voice though. The rest of the track is here in the room with me but the voice is outside somewhere. Maybe you’re going for that. Enjoyable!

    I “was” listening to Mazzy Star when I wrote this song! I like their style along with Cat Power and Cowboy Junkies. I was trying to go in a different direction with my songwriting when I came up with it. Anyway, that’s cool that you mention Mazzy Star. Yeh I don’t really like my voice. I used to put a lot more effects on it: stereo, chorus and the reverb, but my local friend told me that I sounded like I was singing under water, so I just try to color it with reverb. I got to work on my vocals. Thanks for listening, Gordon.

Commented:  April 15, 2013 at 5:56 PM()

Very nice song, it has a very interesting appeal to it. NOW FOR THE HONESTY….Do you have a friend that would sing these vocals for you? I am no singer myself but I get my friends to do mine. Its a bit of work, but in the end you will be happy. A little timing on the guitar here and there but overall , a very creative song that many people would love to get their hands on…..keep it up

    Thank you for the kind words! I usually get the same critique about my voice. I’ve had a lot of people respond positively to this song on jangoradio. I do have someone in mind that might sing it, but I’ve got to get it to her. I’m going to work on it. Thanks, gordon.

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