We Smile – My latest acoustic original song for review

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Words and Music copyright Rusty White Music 2013.

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13 Responses to We Smile – My latest acoustic original song for review

Commented:  April 24, 2013 at 10:03 AM()

I’m really digging this song! The intro leads in quit well to your opening lyrics. Nice slide guitar. Sounds like a fun picking song! Good job!

Very nice. I love your song. It’s got a sweet dreamy trickling down the rocks kinda feel. Reminds me a little of early pink floyd, donavan, maybe iron and wine. The lyrics are great. No complaints here.

Commented:  April 27, 2013 at 7:46 AM()

Great song, really sets a mood and delivers. I found myself really liking this one a lot. Couldn’t catch the words at 2:13 what are the words there? Is this a demo of your music?

    Here are the lyrics: And thanks for the kind words. I’m posting songs here for the feedback. When you are artist, recording engineer, and producer it gets tricky in that you may think things are right but its only because your ears have blocked out a bad vocal, bad mix parts, etc. I have more music at www.reverbnation.com/rustywhitemusic Please check it out, and again, thanks!
    I’m hoping now, that you always chase your dreams,
    You are the best, and on your way as it seems.
    The one thing we wish for, is that you never feel regret
    And I’ll never forget
    the way
    you smile

    Years they go by, we don’t notice them at first,
    While change happens quietly, unplanned and unrehearsed.
    Next thing you know, this blue-eyed baby girl,
    leaving for the world,
    and still
    we smile

    Days just crawl by now, passing time, filling space.
    Living for the next time, we get to see your pretty face.
    dreaming all the while
    How we all
    will smile

      Commented:  April 27, 2013 at 7:41 PM()

      A truly amazing song. Really well mixed and the playing you do on this song just blows my mind. That melody rocks hard core.

      I would like to suggest you look at polishing a bit in the 1st verse,

      I can really feel how you feel about your old lover/friend now gone but still dear to you. A fantastic line, it says so much with so few words.

      I’m hoping now, that you always chase your dreams,
      You are the best, and on your way as it seems.
      The one thing we wish for, is that you never feel regret

      …”The one thing I keep close, the memory I never regret
      I’ll never forget”…

      the way
      you smile

      Is it good the way it is….yeah, it’s killer. This is the sort of polish I work up for my songs too. I often rewrite my vocals after my song is in a final form looking to ensure I match the good/important things I say in the chorus and or repeating tag.

        Commented:  April 27, 2013 at 7:46 PM()

        P.s. I am checking out your other songs too. You’ve made me a fan 🙂

        Thanks very much, James! I enjoyed reading your post, to get your take on the song. Good stuff for sure.

        I actually wrote this song for my daughter who is graduating high school this year. So “The one thing “we” wish for – the “we” refers to her mom and I, and to “never feel regret” -points to our hope that she pursues her dreams to their fullest, not ending up years down the road regretting that she was too insecure or shy to live life to its fullest.

        If you checked out my other music online you’ll prob notice that my latest efforts go in a bit different direction than prev. I’m now breaking things down to simpler instrumentation, working more on crafting the whole song rather than attempting to dazzle with guitar solos or what not. I hope you enjoy!

I really like it! Lyrically, you did a great job with the passage of time. I too love the power in your lyric without being wordy. Great job! Thanks for sharing! Bob

marc lee
Commented:  April 30, 2013 at 12:16 PM()

good arrangement and nice balance. i love the tone on the guitar. i assume you used a mic.

Anthony Knight
Commented:  April 30, 2013 at 6:11 PM()

very James Taylor ish I like it

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