When U Stand Next 2 Me Feat. Pyonyr

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“When U Stand Next -2 Me” Feat. Pyonr a song about a man and his love interest as she mesmerizes him with her beauty and mystic.  What are the pros and what are the cons to this piece?   How are the lead vocals?

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This is pretty good. I like the rap section. The vocal sounds fine but I have a hard time understanding what you’re saying particularly in the first verse. I think the song is repetitive toward the end. You might shorten the outro. I think you might also work on the sound of the AM radio voice. Not the performance but the effects you’re using.

Commented:  January 21, 2013 at 1:18 PM()

This is good. I agree that the lyrics are hard to understand. Maybe dropping the keys in the mix will help pull the vocals up. I also think a bass thump on the bar would help drive it a bit, especially toward the end.

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