you’ve got to roll with it

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life sometimes throws you an awkward curved ball

and the way that you play it will be judged by them all

like a sail boat riding along in a storm

take her straight to the waves …………..yeh hit em front on


like all the kings horses and all the kings men

sometimes things cant be put back together again

so you dust yourself off and you try to pretend

that the hurt doesn’t show………………and the pain stays within………


you got to roll with it

yeh just got to flow

you got to roll with it

let your self grow

get down deep in your soul with it

just let it roll

roll with it…just let it roll

(guitar solo)

well i know what you’re doing i’ve been down this road

and i’ve seen all the ugly that people can throw

but you don’t have to reap what another man sows

choose your own path to life   …………and let your self grow


you got to roll with it

yeh just got to flow

you got to roll with it

let your self grow

get down deep in your soul with it

just let it roll

roll with it…just let it roll


there’s too many people alone in their beds

they have no direction there lives are a mess

but the way out is what they’ve been keeping repressed

blame it all on yourself…………………………………..well  i couldn’t care less

(Synth solo)


you just got to roll with it….

just got to flow ….

you got to roll with it

just let it  grow

get down deep in your sole with it

just let it roll

you got to roll with it

just let it roll

(Outro guitar solo)

Roll with it…….roll with it…roll with it …roll with it……

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8 Responses to you’ve got to roll with it

Welcome to the site,

You’ve got a nice voice and you did a good job on the song. Great sound and some cool harmonies.

I felt you could lose the organ at the intro, yes interesting, but it sounds dated. The Leslie stereo speaker movement doesn’t really work for me. the piano after is way cooler and much more interesting to me.

I’d say go simpler, empty out your intro, empty out the verse 1 and verse 2, let the build come but slower. Right now I think the instruments are doing too much, it’s distracting from the charm of the song.

The chorus, very cool, like it a lot but its way too long.

you got to roll with it

yeh just got to flow

you got to roll with it

just let it roll

roll with it…just let it roll

I’d end it there. Use the other lyrics later as a variation.

It’s a great mix but the vocals get covered by all the layers of instruments, I’d play around with just piano for v1 then drums and piano v2, then let the layers of sound wash over us at the chorus

You done some great stuff here but a bit too much perhaps. The solos are well done but I’d still lose some of them, I don’t think they are adding to the emotional impact of the material.

So I hope my take will be helpful. Just my personal thoughts on it. I like what you’ve done and I can tell you’ve done some hard work on this. Keep going say I.


    thanks for your feed back james ill take it on board this song is by no means finnished it is an example of how it could go for my part i wrote the lyrics and did the vocals then sent them though to a collaboration site where they allready had most of the music.cheers griffo more to come

Lyrically you have a great message! It’s one that is universal and everyone can appreciate! I like the positive message with “let yourself grow” Great job! Great advise!

Production: Love the piano in the first verse! I like the build in the second verse. I would have a little less going on musically so the blowout is in the chorus. Right after the guitar solo, in verse 3, I would go back to the simple piano as in verse 1. Then your chorus would sound huge! The triplet high-hat throughout the mix was a little distracting. Didn’t seem to fit the groove of the song! The song is a little long so if you’re looking for areas to cut, drop the synth solo and shorten the chorus!

Glen, good to hear you again! Great job with this song! If you do a remix, please post again.


You wrote a great song here with a good message. You also got some interesting suggestions. I am looking forward to see what it becomes.


Commented:  June 5, 2013 at 12:33 AM()


marc lee
Commented:  June 10, 2013 at 9:30 AM()

the song could use more dynamics.

Commented:  June 10, 2013 at 11:01 AM()

I guess everyone has an opinion with what you can do to your tune but in the end it’s your song and you can do whatever you feel is needed. I liked it, very well thought out and writen.


You have some nice things going on here. The band sounds terrific and timing is good. I think you have a real drummer there and that’s nice but if you programmed the drums they sound good to me. I like the things you express in the song and I think you’re song has a lot of energy.

I don’t know what you mean by “I could care less” because the rest of the song suggests otherwise. Also I think the song is too long. I don’t think you have the twists and turns to keep a listener interested for 5min plus.

My last advice is to review some other songwriters music. The nature of this site is such that you can only expect as many reviews as you give. There’s no pyramid just tit for tat.


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